Usually I ride in the morning with the car to the multimedia transmitter DOMRADIO.DE. It is a hive of activity at the Cologne main train station and Cathedral is usually. Now, however, it is still in the streets. We, too, from the transmitter to work, in the meantime, as far as it goes from home. For me, it has not been necessary for the railway to also.

keep your distance

It should be kept in the distance to the Next. “Social Distancing” is the need of the hour. For blind people like me is not easy. How to estimate the distance to the other? That’s why I personally only accompanied to go outside for a Walk or shopping. The accompaniment can then adhere to with me together to the required distance.

by public transport

The last Time I went two weeks ago with gloves. You rely on them as a blind man to point out things to handle. Because the gloves gave me a little security. Nevertheless, it was a strange feeling, the touch grab bars in the train.

Also for other blind and visually impaired people that is a Problem. “You can’t see where you sit. In addition, the passengers speak less, out of fear of contagion, and therefore can not judge the blind, where free places are, and where not,” says Rose Jokic of the EUTB-advice centre for “a self-determined life” in Cologne, Germany. Also, the people who wanted to help were feeling insecure, so Jokic, because of the distance keeping is not possible, to a blind or visually-impaired Arm.

in addition, there is the Problem that many of the buses no longer open the front door. So the blind or visually impaired people can ask for the line number. As fewer and fewer passengers are on the Bus, it is also the questions of others difficult. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

I need help, I would like to

help The everyday life

masters, in Spite of the limitations of the everyday life must go on. Many blind people have to leave only in view of monitoring the house, as they feel now, alone, uncertain. Of course, there is also support from family and friends, can help when shopping or in their budget on a transitional basis, including not to be alone.

Working at home has advantages and disadvantages. Due to the technical possibilities for blind people is feasible. It becomes problematic only when the language programs of the computer output can’t be read aloud. Thus, platforms for video conferencing are not always easy to operate. Of work assistant is usually only by telephone.

For the blind physiotherapists or masseurs for example, the Situation is also not easy. A lot of orders to break away and this caused especially in the case of self-employed major financial losses.

rethinking of the crisis

Rainer casting is visually impaired, and operates a winery in the vicinity of Worms. To him, the crisis has still so hard. Of course, he also had to cancel events such as guided tours to the winery or training, but sales are predominantly to private customers is still running well.

“I must, however, serve no more wine samples. The customer must without to try to decide whether you want to buy a wine,” says pour. “Since I am predominantly for the sale, and the organization of the winery and my employees outside of work, I as a visually impaired vintners, no restrictions.” Difficult it is only in the summer, when the grape harvest starts and the entry barrier for seasonal work, there should be forces still.

consulting services

The German Federation of the Blind and visually impaired (DBSV) provides a website with information and tips in the corona of a crisis. Under you can find everything you need to know on the topic. “This page gives clear tips and takes a lot of uncertainty,” said DBSV-President, Klaus Hahn.

“offered The use of help via the Internet and other media is highly recommended,” adds Hahn. In an Interview on the mentioned page, the Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit advises, among other things, the Wearing of gloves in public space. #Corona care: children with emotional appeal to all the grandparents, FOCUS Online/Wochit #corona care: children with emotional appeal to all the grandparents

*The post “Corona is for the Blind to load: “need to touch the objects”” will be released by DOMRADIO.DE. Contact with the executives here.