rice on paper plates, water in plastic cups, a mattress on the floor – so the Morning of Ruchudyn Saidulaev begins. The Uzbek sitting on “his” two square meters next to the escalator. For over a week. Saidulaev comes from Tashkent. And since he wants to now. But it can’t be.

Since the 18th century. March fly of Russia, no machines to Uzbekistan. Since last Friday’s flight are cancelled and no connections to foreign countries almost completely. And chartered planes from Tashkent land is rare.

last hope Charter flight

Alone at the International airport Vnukovo several hundred guest workers since the days stranded: Uzbeks in a corner, as many Tajiks in another. In between, a couple of Ukrainians, not to get away also. It looks similar to the other two Moscow airports Zhukovsky and Domodedovo.

“This is my blanket.“ The stranded Saidulaev shows on a jacket. He looks tired but optimistic. Thank God it was warm, says the young man who had to freeze here, no one. The Uzbek Embassy and the management of the airport have organised for all the Uzbeks a place in the rear area of the Vnukovo airport – with hot water and a soft upholstered furniture, it says on the website of the Embassy in Moscow.

But no one wants to go, because that would mean, for a long time to set up. So all will remain almost at the check-in counter, hoping to snag a seat in one of the chartered planes.

About two million guest workers from the Central Asian States live in Moscow, most of them from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Better said: they lived, because many want to leave since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the Russian metropolis. They are all exposed, kellnerten, collected and transported the inhabitants of the Russian capital from A to B on time, polite, modest.

Waiting for the return of everyday life

But some of the migrant workers want to stay. So how Suchrob from Bukhara. The young Uzbek, sells tulips on Rischskaja-flower market. To prices In large packs from fifty – dumping. Smaller bouquets are not worth the effort.

Suchrob wants to get rid of the quickly perishable beauties. Because where you had to a week ago its way, as a customer, win – between all the flowers, the customer stands and judicial – and a lost one.

The Rischskaja-flower market, this colourful garden of flowers in Moscow, will also have to close soon the whole of his goals. Is Suchrob home? “No. Here is my home! I’ll be in Moscow. What would I be doing in Bukhara? I’m not going to come at all.”

How to earn it, then his livelihood, don’t know Suchrob however. He expressed the hope that normal life is returning again sometime.

Russia drives slowly down

However, Moscow is far more wide. Of protection measures as in other States is not yet the case in Russia. The next week, declared President Vladimir Putin to a “free” week. All businesses will stand still. Parks, cinemas, Restaurants and theatres are to be tight. Only supermarkets and pharmacies remain open.

Then it will be even quieter in Moscow than it is now. Only one or the other Charter flight to Tashkent or Dushanbe leaves today for his track in the sky over the Vnukovo airport. It is probably the last machine to the South. In one of them Ruchudyn Saidulaev sits maybe. Hopefully.

author: mandlmeier

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