For climate protection interest hardly anyone. Maybe it’s just that the Eco-theme, the hyped “was recently so”, is now shrunk back to normal. Corona has revealed the climate-Hype as well as media-bloating – which could lead to the collapse of a lesson from the Corona.

The streets are empty, the climate protection movement must not demonstrate you are self-talking in a strange way, of the “strike” – because this would be irresponsible: a virus spreader.

Moreover, the young climate movement is painfully learning that the called digital a “climate strike” puffs on a completely different resonance than the analog – here are real people still electronic Bits.

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the fight against climate change from the news

Digital is the climate issue is disappeared something for a niche, according to small the audience is. Therefore, the issue disappeared from the news.

The reason for this is the fact that there are hardly any editors who wanted to promote a climate policy. It lies rather in the fact that news portals in real time to measure (be able to), how many people are interested in a topic. “Trendet” a topic moves it to the portals top. “Not Trendet” it, because no one more interested in the topic of down on the sides. Or it totally disappears.

climate protection is the first victim of Coronavirus and benefits but

Because, in the meantime, also television, radio, and Radio to the Internet-laws work, because analog media are now, without exception, also, or even primarily digital, has become the climate protection, the first victims of the Corona.

this is The one. The other: The climate benefits of Corona, because production largely rests, and the human being in its entire Climate impact also. So, at some point, the curiosity on Corona will wear off-topics, because Corona itself subsides. Then there is the question of what this means for climate policy.

The climate activists want to transfer the Corona-crisis mechanism in climate policy. In the ZDF Louisa Neubauer of the “fridays for future”, this said: “Because we now address the collective, solidarity, sustainable in a crisis, we can learn how we can cope with. This can be for the climate crisis, at best, helpful.“

The shirt is closer than the Rock

Others argue that the policy to respond in the Corona-crisis, the strict rules, which would be in the climate crisis, but much more appropriate. In Germany the most popular philosopher Richard David Precht said in an Interview with the media service “turi2”, “that the people have more fear for their lives as the Survival of the human race”. You can find a way, quite mundane: the shirt is the people in General, closer than your Rock.

Actually, the Corona-crisis to the climate crisis learn something. Something very fundamental. Namely, the scepticism of the alleged sole truth. The distrust against the alleged lack of alternatives. The rejection of one-Dimensionality.

we Must now have the fear of the “super-state” asks the editor-in-chief of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Eric Gujer. No, we don’t have to. What we are witnessing is the Triumph of a Federal system on the Authority of rationalism. The swarm intelligence of politicians and experts is prone to errors, but not as vulnerable as right-wing populists, the Illusion of Flawlessness of your recipes to succumb and just go in front of the wall – like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson.

The Triumph of expert democracy remains in spite of everything from

Also, the impression, we experienced the Triumph of an expert of democracy on the policy, so to speak, Droste, of the Political, is wrong. Corona-explainer Drosten is hardly an opportunity to pass, without the responsibility of the policy: The decision-making, the media-savvy virologist, were not girologisch, but political.

And the policy, in turn, you can watch at the moment, every day learning. There is no one valid truth, which is determined once and then is pulled through, from the beginning of the Corona-crisis up to the end. Initially, it was reported: the schools can stay on, then it became: we have to make them, and now will be discussed, when we can reopen.

Maybe we change our strategy: to Test and isolate all risk candidates, thus, the more Stable work and learning can go.

The Chancellor moves on point of view

And this learning ability is Strong in the current discussion, and marks the fundamental difference to the climate debate. The knew only one truth and only one recipe. The Chancellor, however, makes what should have been the liberal philosopher Karl Popper, who coined Helmut Schmidt, so, recommended: you on point of view.

Because in a pandemic, nothing is as successful as the method of “trial and error”, by trial and error. But this can work only if it is strong enough to correct the error. What authoritarian politicians, or climate ideologues rather poorly: their creed is the one truth and the alternative recipe.

The knowledge to be able to time in addition,

The commitment, to be able to once in addition to can not always so exactly the judge to evaluate the situation every day – this is a big crisis in an appropriate way, to govern.

If the experts keep this openness – and why should you not be able and the policy continue to be the state and the common good above their party political interests, then we have a good Chance to come out of this crisis is not only healthy, but also politically fragile.

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