About 50 prison officers are sick with the symptoms of Covid-19. Probation is working on the solution with the test.

While you are beginning to test inmates with symptoms of corona virus in prisons and pre-trial detention centres, is the story initial another with the staff.

prison guards have so far not been tested for coronaviruses. But there is a good reason to get the test equipment out to sick employees. The faster, the better.

It takes Fængselsforbundet, who organizes the fængselsbetjentene.

– A long piece along the way, I think that to do what you can, says president Bo Provide Sørensen on efforts to reduce the infection in the prisons.

– But we need to get made a decision to get hold of some test equipment, so you can test the staff.

– If you get the symptoms, which may remind you of coronaviruses, it is important to know how to respond, and when you can get to work.

Probation reported Saturday in an email to Ritzau, that the approximately 50 employees in the country’s prisons are on sick leave with symptoms of the coronavirus.

In the context, it sounded that you are trying to find a way to test the fængselsbetjentene of infection.

– the Probation is currently working to find a solution where the employees can to some extent be tested if they show signs of being infected with coronavirus, wrote the Probation.

When the tests are a reality, is preliminary to be seen.

on Saturday announced the Probation in addition to had identified the first case of coronavirus or Covid-19 among the inmates.

Bo Provide Sørensen fear, to uncertainty about whether the cops with the symptoms of corona virus is infected, will lead to sick leaves, which is unnecessarily long.

– We risk getting into a situation where we are short of staff, and we would really like to avoid, says the president.

Inmates who are sick and showing symptoms of Covid-19, put in isolation, but they will still have contact to fængselsbetjentene, he points out.

And thus, there is a risk of infection.

– They are in contact with the staff. For even if one closes someone inside, they are still on the toilet and have something to eat, ” says Bo Yde Sørensen.

– A prison is a small society, and it is radically different than other parts of society. The staff and the inmates are very close to each other.

Saturday suggested John August, who is chairman of the Kriminalforsorgsforeningen, that brings prøveløsladelser, so there are fewer inmates in prisons.

the Aim must be to reduce the spread of infection.

His association organises among other things, social workers and educators working in prisons. At Fængselsforbundet have no particular position on whether such an action is a good idea.

Here is the test of the employees, there is a maximum on the current wishlist.