German police were on Friday attacked by a group of over 20 people, as a cops tried to enforce the forsamlingsforbudet.

In Germany, all assemblies of more than two persons illegal, therefore it was quite natural for a police officer in Frankfurt to rise out of the patruljevognen, when he saw a group of young men stand in a larger assembly.

But it was not long before the young men began to throw big stones at him. It tells a spokesperson for the German police to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

More cops came quickly, while the young men continued to throw stones, iron bars and roofing sheets after them. One of the stones destroyed a window in the patruljevognen.

The 20 men tried shortly after to escape from the place, and when the officers could not catch them on foot, they chose to search for them with the helicopter.

Some of the men was eventually found in an apartment in Frankfurt.

the Police raided the place and arrested six people between 23 and 31 years old.

In the apartment they found, in addition to the six men – a variety of weapons. Including guns and knives.

The six men are now charged for bodily harm, particularly serious breach of peace and damage on society.

It has not been possible for the police to find all of the 20 perpetrators yet.

the Incident happened on Friday at 9.15.

In germany, almost 130,000 people infected with the coronavirus.