Gati, recall, defeated compatriot Tony Ferguson became the interim champion of the division and earned the right to meet with Nurmagomedov. Their fight is scheduled for September 2020.

Mendes said that Gati is a dangerous rival. And his main weapons – and everyone knows – are loukiki, that is kicked in the lower body of the enemy. But Habib have something to oppose.

– If you evaluate the skills of Justin exclusively in the rack, it is not a great drummer, but good. Habib sparred with those who were better than Justin in this component, and have had no problems, – said Mendes in his podcast.

How will the battle, nobody knows. One logic or punch can change everything. I only want to say that Justin definitely deserved his chance. He’s a great fighter and fights vividly. The upcoming game won’t disappoint anybody.

Justin Gati also considering different scenarios, including a victory over the defending champion and probably the next fight with former champion Conor McGregor. Yes, Irish for the third time announced the completion of a career, but Gati sure if he would have taken the title Habib, Conor changed his mind and will return to the octagon.

And Justin said that would put McGregor in the knockout.

Control the distance of the number one factor in any battle. This is especially important in the first 30 seconds, – quotes Geti ESPN. – I’m very good to keep distance when I impose my style. And when the opponent goes on the attack, I can strike with the foot. So honestly, I think knocked out would be Conor.

To Nurmagomedov have Geti also have approach. The key to success, according to the American moving and stay away from the cells.


Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov is already in USA and prepares its fight in the framework of the evening of UFC Fight Night 173, which will be held June 20 in Las Vegas. His opponent will be the Curtis Blades. The live broadcast of the fight will be on view June 21 at six o’clock in the morning Moscow time on TV channel “Ren TV”.