the Tour de France, behind closed doors. Not a good idea, it sounds like it is in France. But it is a decision that’s not for tomorrow, it is known to the COMPANY.

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“We’re worried,” said Pascale Schwartz of the town of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, where the 10th stage is normally to arrive. “We are seriously lagging behind. The lockdown are all the road works stopped, while they are essential for the reception of La Grande Boucle.”

Daniel Spagnou, mayor of Sisteron, check-in, and vertrekstad of the 3rd-and 4th stage) is bad. “I have not a lot of illusions,” he says of the COMPANY. “With the cancellation of the Olympic Games… so Why would the Tour do not go to the end of July, can be postponed? Normally I would be opposed to it. The French just go on a vacation. However, I am convinced that, even if the lock is similar to the population during the summer will tend to stay at home. The French will be in the country for the race as a result. I’ve seen this solution in any case, it has been proposed to (Tourbaas, ed.). Christian Prudhomme.”

a Tour de France without an audience. “That’s impossible,””, warn, Pascale Schwartz. “How can we prevent it in the road? We can’t have them every five yards away from a police officer to place in order to put an end to the trials.”

may 15

The ball is in the camp of the GENERAL, which, apparently, is in regular contact with members of the potentially affected towns and cities. “I had a Christian Prudhomme was still at the line, and he put me at ease. He is currently planning not to cancel or contest behind closed doors,” said Michel Valla, the mayor of Privas.

According to the COMPANY, ASO, may 15 accelerated as the deadline to make a final decision on the Tour de france. “Well, We’ll have to work with, but a decision in mid-may to continue the mission,” says Eric Houlley, the mayor of the Lure.

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