the US President, trump reduced the sentence to his former Advisor Roger stone, sentenced to prison for perjury in the so-called “Russian cause”. In the end, policies will not spend a single day of put him time behind bars.

Donald trump has softened a sentence of imprisonment for 40 months, his former adviser Roger stone, who was convicted of perjury.

In a statement, the White house argues that the issue relating to Russia, Roger stone was the “victim of a hoax”, the existence of which the “left and their allies in the media have contributed for several years in an attempt to undermine the presidency of the tramp”.

Former Advisor to the President, the statement said, “have suffered greatly”.

“he had been treated very unfairly, say in the White house. Now Roger stone free man.”

Mitigation of punishment does not negate the condemnation of the stone, as it would be in the pardon, but allows him to serve a prison sentence for his crimes.

stone figured in the investigation of spectracolor Mueller about the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election in 2016.

stone was convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice and inducing another witness to give false testimony in November 2019.

Former presidential adviser accused of lying about contacts with a representative of WikiLeaks, to compromising Democrats information. The defense claimed that a stone has received no incriminating evidence and the law was not violated.

In February 2020 court in Washington sentenced stone to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment. He had to begin to serve his sentence next week, on Tuesday. But trump has freed him from the unpleasant necessity.

of Course, this decision caused a flurry of anger among critics of the American President, don’t miss the chance to see: “trump has proven his love for “law and order” does not apply to his friends.”

Opponents of the White house again had the opportunity to argue that the trump intervenes in the justice system to protect the President and his friends.

“With trump in America now, there are two systems of justice: one for the criminal friends of trump and another for everyone else,” says Adam Schiff, a member of the U.S. house of representatives from the democratic party and the leading Prosecutor in the proceedings on the case concerning the impeachment of the President.