on Friday Evening in the office was found the body of CEO of a major construction company Andrew sternum. a preliminary version is suicide. We talked to colleagues of the deceased about his character and interests.

the Victim Andrey Grudin lived with his wife and children in the same complex on Malaya Pirogovskaya street, where is located the office of the company. How often does it happen in the workplace, colleagues, hard to say — his office is apart from all on the fifth floor. You can get to it without a reason was impossible. The total lift is not the card for passage to other parts located on the four lower floors, do not apply. With the staff of Andrey communicated only through the Secretary.

“Andrei Yurievich Grudin was a man kind, honest, and extremely closed, — tells one of his subordinates. — At a meeting usually greeted, can smile, make nod of the head, inquisitive look. And even in these moments it seemed that he was somewhere far, far away in his thoughts.”

Say, Grudin allowed me to only very close friends. In public, in social networks personal information is not spread. In recent years, worried that the daughter who went to study in Switzerland, there stuck. In order to make amends for the pain, giving children the opportunity to receive a good education in his native town, built a school of the highest class in one of the residential complexes. Training it is the program of the international baccalaureate. The cost — millions of dollars per year, among students — the children of senior officials, diplomats. Grudin often talked about the folding construction in St. Petersburg and in a sharp change of direction. (The company is engaged in projects in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, where at the helm is the brother of the deceased). Wanted to abandon the building and go to commercial construction — construction of the business centers.

“In the last time (before the pandemic) Andrey changed his style of clothing — notices his colleague. Instead of formal suits and ties start wearing tweed jackets, had grown a beard. You know, as in “Eugene Onegin”: “as the dandy London is dressed” is about Andrei Yurevich. He was to face. Looked awesome!”