Övertorneå municipality in Sweden, Kven institute and the university of Oulu who are behind the project. It was presented Wednesday at a webinar from Övertorneå.

One of the goals is to get to a common education for translators for the two languages in Norway and Sweden.

Common history without borders

Övertorneå municipality had invited to given the same treatment in Nordkalottens culture and forskningscentrum. Instead it was a webinar – in four languages, English, Swedish, meänkieli and Finnish.

There was a project manager Stefan Aro who presented the project, because of koronakrisen via the web, from Lassinantti room on the Nordkalottens culture and forskningscentrum in Övertorneå.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

Here was “cooperation platform for minority languages in the North calotte 2020-2021” presented by project manager Stefan Aro.

– When we stand here in Lassinantti room so we påminna that we live in a language – and cultural quarter, who do not know national borders. We have always lived outside of our borders and had contacts throughout the North in various ways, he said.

At the beginning of the 1980s, grew it in culture and identitetsskapende work in Tornedalen. When was the connector to Norway and søsterspråket kven of great importance. But in recent years, cooperation has been on the back burner, called it in a press release about the project.

Now it is about to take up again the old connector, to reopen the old networks. It previously was the occasional collaboration, often on enkeltpersonsnivå, should now be formalised, ” says the manager of the Kven institute Hilde Skanke.

the manager of the Kven institute, Hilde Skanke say they do not have the capacity to translate more than they do today. It needed more translators.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

We are fighting to revitalize the languages. But it’s also about kulturutveksling. We have much the same culture, but experience of the cross of the state border has not been utveksla through a network, ” she says.

She points to the fact that several municipalities have friendship ties across the border, but much of the cooperation has been personavhengig. What they want now to rectify.

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Among other things, there shall be created a forstudium about a oversetterutdanning for the kven and meänkieli. There is a great shortage of translators.

“In nuläget are a växande efterfrågan on the översättningar av hög kvalité och at the same time, the shortcoming on översättare, exempelvis miss Kammarkollegiet för närvarande a auktoriserad översättare in meänkieli”, type Övertorneå municipality in the press release about the project.

Training shall be at a level that does not require university education.

We need more people who can write and translate the current texts. It is mostly we at the Kven institute, with some exceptions, as do translations. We do not have the capacity, ” says Skanke.

Kven Institute in Børselv is the most important institution for translations in the Uk today and is part of the joint venture, not least because they know the need for multiple translators.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

There are also språkseminarer, kulturseminarer, språkforum, and networking for educators in Norway and Sweden. and digital source.

Whereas Norway has established a national språkinstitutt for the kven and more språksentre, this should now happen in Sweden. Övertorneå is proposed as etableringssted for such a language centre, hence the need for closer cooperation and mutual learning.

the Money for the project comes from the county administrative board of Norrbottens county that manages the money that comes through the Interreg North.