imagine this:

You live in a built 27 miles from the nearest hospital and living with a serious illness.

the Road is closed. The helicopter can’t land.

You are practically without the help – and every second counts.

This is the situation Gaup and the inhabitants of Kautokeino are living in large parts of the winter season.

– We with compromised health live in fear. The winter closed the roads becomes an additional burden when there are other options to get to the hospital, ” says Gaup.

27 MIL: To see the way out for Inger Elle if she must be transported to the nearest hospital.

Living in fear

Gaup have severe copd and experience a sudden to get breathing problems. She describes the feeling almost like choking.

If the winter is the fear of not getting back to the hospital larger. Due to bad weather and risk of avalanche the road may over Sennalandet, Hammerfest hospital, be closed.

The værutsatte the road has been closed 34 times in the period 1. October 12. march, according to the Norwegian public roads administration its meldingsrapport.

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STORM: So can the way of Sennalandet and to the hospital in Hammerfest.

Foto: Jan Harald Tomassen / NRK

This winter has been characterized by abnormally large snowfall.

It has been set snørekorder several places in Troms and Finnmark, and uværene has raged over the værutsatte the county.

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COLUMN: Several roads were closed in Troms and Finnmark on Tuesday, 31. October.

Photo: Norwegian public roads administration Concern

In Alta, 13 miles away, are each in some degree better than Kautokeino, but they lack the medical equipment that Gaup to do.

Thus, the only possibility to get help 27 miles away.

She has several times experienced being transported in an ambulance to the hospital in Hammerfest. It is a værutsatt stretch that can be shut off on short notice.

– I am very worried every time I get to know that I should be sent to Hammerfest, with the ambulance, said Gaup.

the Latest for two days since it happened again. A patient who was on his way from Kautokeino to Hammerfest hospital had to turn back. The road was closed.

the Authorities do not seem to understand the serious situation. The municipality is unfortunately no help, says His Isaac Olsen, the mayor of Kautokeino.

CONCERNED about: the Mayor of Kautokeino, His Isaac Olsen, fear for the health of the inhabitants.

Photo: Johan Ánte Vie / NRK – Our life seems not to be just as much worth,

Sykehusstriden in Finnmark has been inflamed over several years. It has been suggested to get a third hospital in the county of Finnmark which was supposed to be in Alta.

This has not been something of the than so long. Thus, the municipality closest to without help, in the midst of Finnmarksvidda, if the storm strikes.

– If a man gets real bad then we have a huge problem with getting to a place where you can get help, ” says Olsen.

Ingelin Noresjø, state secretary in the Ministry of transport and communications, recalling that there have been abnormally much severe weather so far this year and that it has created big challenges on the roads.

– I understand that the population in Inner Finnmark may feel isolated when roads are closed and the storm rages. There are long distances and a lot of weather in Finnmark, writes Noresjø to NRK.

BRAGGING rights: Ingelin Noresjø (KrF) provides a tribute to the snow removal crews who do the best they can to keep the roads in Finnmark, the open, whatever the weather.

Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

She could not promise increased resources and believe it nor not, this will lead to more uptime on the roads due to the extreme værtypene that he is wreaking havoc in the county.

In the extended area, it is really dangerous to be sick. Our life seems not to be just as much worth as they live in the south, said Gaup.

Three new snørekordar in Troms and Finnmark