Citizens have lost 2 billion rubles for early transfer of accumulations in the Fund

It was the most “clean” for the duration of the rules on the loss of investment income on savings when transfers from the Fund to the Fund more often than once in five years. In 2019 earned the new rules, when citizens received a warning about loss of income when you try the early transition and application of transition was only possible through the portal (with a verified account and a qualified electronic signature) or branch of the RPF and only until November 30. In the month of December is valid for the period of cooling – citizens may change their mind and withdraw the application. The pension Fund for the year was 3.7 million written notification about the loss and took 10.8 notification about the cancellation of the transition. As a result, citizens filed almost six times less statements on the transfer of funds (345 thousand) than in 2018.

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FIU granted 423 thousands of applications, or 80% of the taken, among whom were also filed in 2015 195,4 thousand statements about fixed-term (after five years) of the transition.

the Share of early transitions in the last year decreased from 95.8% in 2018 to 60.5% in 2019, and the loss of citizens due to the early transfer of savings were the lowest compared with campaigns of previous years, said Pension Fund. For the previous five years citizens have lost in the early passages of more than 100 billion rubles.

At the end of 2019, the FIU was transferred to the NPF of the savings in the amount of 12.2 billion and 0.3 billion was sent to the managers of the company.

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the Second feature of the campaign was the high percentage of citizens who have returned from NPF to the pension Fund. In comparison with 2018 has increased by more than five times – from 4.6% to 24.3%, or up to 104,9 thousand people. But in absolute terms, the increase in the number of returns was more moderate in recent years, the figure stayed at around 70-80 thousand.

most of the participants in transition campaign (187,3 thousand people, or 43.3%), as in the past year, I moved from one nongovernmental pension Fund to another, 138.8 thousand people (32,1%) was transferred from the Pension accumulation Fund to the pension Fund.