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on the Night of Wednesday 25. march took China down the barricades for the healthy population in Hubei province, except the hardest hit city of Wuhan, where the citizens have to wait even a few days to get the release out.


Hubei has been korona-isolated from the outside world in two months. Many have waited impatiently for the opportunity to drop out and once again be able to earn a living in other parts of the country.

Desperate people that would come out was Friday morning met by reluctance on the verge of the naboprovinsen Jiangxi province, where they were not wanted.

Police from each province support together in a grensebro.

the Clashes should have been documented, and there are apparently videos of the incident, posted on the chinese mikrobloggen Sina Weibo.

People from Huangmei in Hubei province must cross a bridge over the Yangtze river before they can take themselves to the nearest train station. This is located in the city of Jiujiang, in Jiangxi province.

Blocked the road

Witnesses tell police in Jiangxi since the first denied a car to get across the bridge. Police cars should have been used to block access from Hubei.

In one of the videos, where many people walk over the bridge and past the police cars that block the road, shouting the slogan “Jiayou Hubei”.

It means “hang on, Hubei”.

Both people in Hubei, and in the rest of China has used the slogan the last few weeks, in order to encourage the citizens in that tormented province.

– You need to spread you. It is not safe to stand so close together, neither when it comes to the spread of the virus, or traffic safety, ” says partisekretæren in Huangmei, Ma Built in a megaphone, in one of the videos.

WAITING: People waiting to get in from Hubei to Jiangxi. This photo was taken in February, and now there are many more who want out of the insulation.

Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters a Hidden infection

Even though there are now very few new local infections in China, is the fear of the virus still large in the population.

China registers only the cases that both have the symptoms and have been shown Covid 19, and people are therefore afraid of the hidden smittebærere.

Several of the people on the bridge were without the masks, something that is not socially accepted in China after virusutbruddet.

On social media warned at the time against the discrimination of people from Hubei, have already taken the worst brunt.

Several employees at the office for epidemic prevention and control in Jiujiang, should have stated that those who will enter the city must have several documents to drop in. They must have train tickets, a green code on the app, which proves that they are healthy, and the evidence on what is the final destination for the journey.

China has introduced an app that documents whether the traveller is healthy (green), has been in contact with sick (yellow), or is korona-sick and should be quarantined (red).

People queued in various parts of Hubei province, precisely in order to obtain the required documents that give permission to travel out.

the Police in both Jiujiang and the neighbouring district of Huangmei, said to chinese media that they have passed in between to resolve the conflict between the police from the two places.

The chinese newspaper Global Times, writes that authorities in both provinces investigating the incident.

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