The chinese therefore, Wuhan, where coronavirusset originally broke out, is on Saturday so starting to open up again after more than two months of shutdown.

the City, located in central China and has 11 million inhabitants, has among other things opened for a number of train lines. Also the city’s borders have been opened, so it now is allowed to travel into the city. Exit is still prohibited.

Back in January, the Wuhan shut down, so it was not allowed to leave the city. There was at the same time listed vejafspærringer at the city limits.

But immediately after midnight on the night of Saturday, could be the Wuhan-the inhabitants see the first signs of that megapolis is on the way out of the isolation. Here arrived first, filled the passenger trains so as to Wuhan.

Saturday is filled the train continued to roll into the city. It informs the news agency AFP, which is present in the city.

Some have managed already on Friday to get on a train to the city.

It is among other things a 36-year-old woman and her daughter. They had been separated from the woman’s husband in almost ten weeks.

As the train approached Wuhan, was my child and I am really excited. It felt as if the train was running faster than before. My daughter said that the driver probably knew that we really wanted to go home, she says to AFP.

the Reopening happening while the international media reports on the mysterious corona-the case of Wuhan.

Several who previously tested positive for corona virus and have subsequently been healthy, has now been tested positive again.

The us media NPR has bl.a. been in contact with four people who have been tested positive for the second time in march. Two of them are doctors who have treated patients with corona.

Wuhan was originally coronavirussets epicenter. Since then, the eruption, however, spread to countries across the globe.

Europe is the world health Organization (WHO) has now been declared as the eruption’s current epicenter.

While the number of european smittetilfælde increases drastically, the number of new cases decreased in Wuhan. Here is just registered 20 new cases in the past 14 days, showing the official figures, according to AFP.

In all, nearly 70,000 people have been confirmed infected with the coronavirus in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located. Over 3000 people infected have died.