the Number of smittetilfælde in China is virtually stopped, however, the traveller brings the coronavirus in the country.

A growing number of smittetilfælde with the coronavirus which travelers bring with them into China, is likely to trigger another wave of disease.

It warns a spokesman for the chinese state sundhedskommission on Sunday.

He says that the infection from person to person in China “basically stopped”.

But there are identified a total of 693 smittetilfælde of persons who are admitted to the territory of China from abroad, informs he.

– It means that the possibility of a new round of contagion remains fairly high, the spokesman said, Mi Feng.

In the course of the past week, China has found infection with the coronavirus of the 313 people who have come into the country from the outside.

Only six new cases in the past week was the infection between two persons, who were staying in China.

Saturday was confirmed 45 new cases of infection in China. Of those 44 people, who had travelled into China from abroad.

most of them are chinese who have returned home from other countries.

Saturday came new restrictions in force, to limit the number of foreigners travelling into China.

the Country’s carriers have also been told to suspend most of their flights to and from abroad.

In megapolis Wuhan, where coronavirusset was originally discovered in december, report to the authorities about the five patients, who on Saturday died after being tested positive for the coronavirus.

But in the last ten days Wuhan has only reported a single new case of infection.

Coronaudbruddet have according to official figures, claimed the lives of 3300 people in China. That is confirmed over 81.000 smittetilfælde since december.