Sunday there were registered 108 new coronatilfælde in China. It is the highest number since the 5. march.

Sunday saw the highest number of new smittetilfælde with coronavirus in China in nearly six weeks, and the chinese authorities fear that it may start a second wave of the virus.

It is particularly in border areas, to Russia, to found new cases, and imposed strict restrictions in order to limit the infection.

Sunday was registered 108 new coronatilfælde in China. It is the highest number since the 5. march. 98 of them had been infected abroad.

It is the highest number of imported smittetilfælde, which is measured on one day in China at all.

a Little over half of the new cases were chinese, who had crossed the border from Russia in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang.

Russia has stopped flights to the country, and therefore the border crossing at the town of Suifenhe has been one of the few opportunities to travel through for the chinese, that would home to China. The border to Russia was closed 9. april.

In Suifenhe was there last week introduced strict restrictions for the people on the line with them, so in megapolis Wuhan in Hubei province, where coronavirusset originated at the end of 2019.

There is a shut down of public gatherings, and a large number of shops have been ordered to keep closed.

the Inhabitants must be flat, and only one person in each household must leave the home every third day to buy groceries and other necessities. The streets in Suifenhe was therefore more or less empty on Sunday.

in Order to limit the infection was there on Sunday also introduced a quarantine of 28 days for anyone arriving to Suifenhe.

at the same time was introduced tighter border controls. It has also made itself felt in a number of other chinese cities, which border Russia.

China has accumulated 83.135 smittetilfælde. There are 3343 deaths related to corona. The 13 is found in the Heilongjiang province, where the Suifenhe is located.