Large parts of Chile’s capital city is under strict quarantine. Anyway moved the president out on the fototur.

the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has aroused the indignation of the people.

Friday asked the president up to the photos on a deserted Plaza Italia in opsmøget, white shirt on the steps of a monument depicting the chilean general Manuel Baquedano, in the capital city of Santiago.

Large parts of Santiago, including Plaza Italia is under strict quarantine, which prevents people from leaving their homes without special permission from the authorities in trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

this is Why it has fallen many of the chest, that the president yet has gone out. A user on Twitter, writing, among other things:

– President Piñera yesterday in the Plaza Italia, while the government is asking people to stay at home. This is a provocation, it is improper for a head of state in the midst of a pandemic.

Piñera has subsequently apologized for his behavior on Twitter.

I took a photo and continued my journey. I am sorry if it has been misunderstood, writes the president.

In Chile so far, 3737 confirmed smittetilfælde of the coronavirus, while 22 coronapatienter have lost their lives.

the Plaza Italia was a centre for regeringsprotester in the autumn, where at least 31 people died and at least 300 were injured.

the Band Illapu, that is popular in Chile, writes that piñera’s actions could trigger further protests, when coronakrisen is over.

the Square belongs to the people. We will return with more force, and we will be millions, writes the band on Twitter.

the Protests in Chile began the 18. October as protests against price increases on metro tickets in peak hours.

It has since evolved into a broader protest against the political status quo, the high cost of living and a desire for a better health and become characters in the country, which otherwise is considered among South america’s more prosperous.