Talk show host Anne Will is newly in love – with Helene Hegemann, who is 26 years younger. She didn’t have an easy childhood, after the early death of her mother she was influenced by her artistic father. At the age of 17 she made it onto the bestseller list. What you need to know about the writer.

ARD talk show host Anne Will (56) provided the most surprising love news yesterday evening (January 30). After her failed marriage to Miriam Meckel (55), she is said to love a woman who is 26 years her junior – and this is no stranger. Helene Hegemann (30) is a bestselling author, but has not only made positive headlines in her past.

As “” reports, Helene Hegemann should be the new woman at Anne Will’s side. The relationship has not yet been officially confirmed. The couple allegedly met at the theater, Hegemann’s father Carl (73) is a dramaturge. And he plays a central role in the life of the 30-year-old.

Because, as Helene explained in a detailed interview with “SZ Magazin” last summer, she didn’t have an easy childhood. To put it mildly. Until she was thirteen, she lived poorly in a two-room council flat in Bochum-Ehrenfeld. She was raised as an only child by her single mother, who was once a cheerful beauty. At least that’s how Hegemann describes it in the booklet “Patti Smith”, in which she reports on her relationship to music and her childhood. But then Hartz IV, schizophrenia and alcohol shaped her life. “The basic feeling of my childhood was shame,” Helene recalls in conversation. “I’ve been constantly lying since I was three years old because we didn’t want the rest of the world to know what was going on in our house. I was afraid of being exposed, because the children’s home would have meant, and I was constantly afraid of death, my own death or that of my mother.” Not an unfounded fear, because her mother died in 2005.

“When I came home from a dance championship in autumn 2005, she collapsed under an aneurysm before my eyes: unimaginable pain, ambulance, six hours later she was brain dead,” says Helene in an interview. “It was by far the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced, seen or heard. My salvation was that she still had a sane moment in the hospital, despite her brain completely bleeding, and was able to say goodbye to me. It was a superhuman effort and a great service from her. To the shock of knowing she was dying, she responded with the will to let my last picture of her be a good one, not the one of hellish torment and fear of death.” She never visited her mother’s grave and never felt the need. “

After the death of her mother, the then 13-year-old went to her father. He worked as a theater dramaturge at the Volksbühne in Berlin. For a writing enthusiast like Helene it was definitely paradise. Because at the age of eleven she published her first posts in online forums and she couldn’t get enough of books anyway. “I stopped going to school regularly early, and the idleness of truancy had to be managed somehow.” So she left the house at quarter past six every morning, taking the bus from one end of Berlin to the other, just to go to the bookstore Dussmann on Friedrichstrasse. “Great place for me: four floors of books, there were comfy armchairs hidden from view behind huge potted plants, you could read for hours without being noticed. That sounds almost romantic. But truancy is not romantic, on the contrary, you are extremely lonely.”

At the age of 14, Helene wrote her first screenplay, further projects followed. Her breakthrough at the age of 17: her novel “Axolotl Roadkill” climbed to number two on the “Spiegel” bestseller list. Nevertheless, criticism was not lacking, accusations of plagiarism even followed. Hegemann is said to have copied arias from the Berlin blogger and author. Some formulations and passages turned out to have been copied. Nevertheless, the novel was resold and even translated into 15 languages. And what was Teenie Helene doing privately?

“As a young teenager, I found it absolutely not easy to be a lesbian. Because I moved in very free cultural contexts, it took me a long time to be able to live it,” she explains to the SZ. And that despite the fact that she grew up in an artistic milieu. “The Volksbühne was definitely queer and yet extremely heteronormative. Any form of deviation was welcome, but there was no sense of belonging. I tried to ignore my sexual identity and define myself through other characteristics. But you can’t ignore your sexual identity, that’s really not possible. As soon as you are left alone with her, an uncomfortable isolation story begins.”

Today she no longer has to ignore her identity, she can and wants to live her love freely. She was in a relationship with the journalist Andrea Hanna Hünniger (38) for several years, and the two even wanted to get married. It is not known whether Anne Will threw the plans overboard. The two have not yet publicly commented on the relationship. According to media reports, however, Hegemann has often been seen by neighbors at the presenter’s home. And who knows, maybe in the near future they will dare to go public together.

Anne Will surprised a few weeks ago with her soon-to-be talk show – something has also changed privately with the presenter: she is said to be newly in love. Her new girlfriend is 26 years younger and a writer.

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