Photos of eggs with dark green yolks of puzzled users of social networks. First, they considered the usual photoshop, but then the journalists conducted an investigation and found the source of the images, reports Odditycentral.

As it turned out, the pictures were made by the owner of a poultry farm in Malappuram Indian named AK Sihabudin.

the Man said that 9 months ago one of his hens began to lay eggs with unusual egg yolks. The whole family was puzzled, but the chicken was not sick, and the eggs taste no different from normal.

Then the farmer decided to grow from strange Chicks. When the six Chicks grew, some began to lay eggs with the same green yolks.

a high-profile story heard veterinarians and scientists from the Kerala University. They suggested that the reason for the unusual color of the yolks can be food for animals. However, the farmer doubts this, because the other hens lay normal eggs.

Now AK Sihabudin looking forward to the test results from the lab.

Anna Lysenko

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