From October 1st you must pay close attention to your current vaccination status. The federal government has decided on a far-reaching change in the vaccination status. Without a booster vaccination, those affected are then considered unvaccinated. FOCUS Online says what you need to consider now.

The federal government will change the vaccination status of millions of people on October 1st. Overnight second vaccinations may be considered “unvaccinated”.

Specifically, the following applies from October 1: Two vaccinations alone are then no longer sufficient for the vaccination status “fully vaccinated”.

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You then also need either a positive PCR test from at least 28 days ago or a third-party vaccination.

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This also applies if you become infected with the coronavirus after the second vaccination and this has been proven by a PCR test.

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In order to be considered “fully vaccinated”, those affected need a booster vaccination:

With a booster protection, you are considered “fully vaccinated” from the first day after vaccination. According to the current status, this vaccination status will not expire.

Wherever “tightened infection control measures” with 3G or 2G access restrictions apply, the immune status plays an important role.

According to the current status, there is no 3G or 2G access restriction anywhere in Germany. The immune status plays no role in public life.

The vaccination status could also play an important role when traveling abroad if the number of infections increases when entering or leaving the country. When entering Germany, travelers then need a third vaccination or a combination of two vaccinations and a recovery to be considered “fully immunized”.

Otherwise, a recent recovery or negative test result may be needed.

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