The German Air Force intercepted a Russian military plane over the Baltic Sea on Friday. “Our

And further: “We accompanied the plane and then flew back to Laage (military airport near Rostock, editor’s note).” It remained unclear what the Russian military plane had planned. It attracted attention due to strange flight movements and, according to the information, changed the flight direction several times during its flight.

A “Quick Reaction Alert” or alarm patrol is used as a security measure when an aircraft does not respond to contact or does not have a transponder.

German reconnaissance aircraft are also in Russian airspace. It was only in mid-January that Russia’s military said it escorted a German plane over the Baltic Sea away from Russian airspace. A spokesman for the German Navy confirmed that it was a routine reconnaissance flight.

Tensions in the airspace over the Baltic Sea between NATO forces and Russia have been mounting since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began in February last year. With the Kaliningrad exclave, Moscow has a well-developed military outpost in the region. The Russian Baltic Sea fleet also has its home there.

In “Hart aber fair” a spokeswoman for the “Last Generation” fabulates about a “social council” whose measures would actually be implemented. Under the guise of climate protection, a kind of eco-socialism is being propagated here. That is anti-democratic and misplaced.

Two people were killed and seven injured in a knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg on Wednesday. A man attacked travelers with a knife before arriving at Brokstedt station. The suspect is known to the police and has been arrested. All news in the ticker.