the Chef Jesper Vollmer broke five years ago the neck and is still struggling with injury. Now crossing he Atlantic.

five years ago took Jesper Vollmers life a serious turn.

He worked ten years as a royal chef, but on a beach holiday to Thailand, he was ambushed by a kæmpebølge, which ended up crushing his neck against the sand.

He lost not førligheden, but he has retrained ever since, and today it still challenges with the balance, his walk and the right hand.

Anyway, he decided to seize the opportunity and say yes to cross the Atlantic on a sailing ship in the tv program “Across the Atlantic”.

– My very first starting to be with was that I had promised myself that if I can become stronger, better and do more things today than yesterday, so I must not say no.

– So everything what I get of the offers of training and treatments, I say yes to, if that makes sense and can make me stronger, he says.

He decided to make what he himself calls “a Jesper Vollmer”, which means to find his own way and do things in his own way.

In the course of the three weeks, where he and five other well-known off, however, it did never Jesper Vollmer to get physical upstairs.

– It was just really cumbersome to move around. But to be able to take with you on the trip, cook and get the sail without him, the people with disabilities, there was my mission accomplished.

– I did not need to be him with skåneopgaverne, which could not be on equal footing with the others. So it was important for me to find some tasks on the ship, which had to be done, and also suited to my physique.

Jesper Vollmer was responsible for the purchase of food and preparation. He was not in the galley the whole time, but had the big picture.

The first ten days went by, however, with extreme seasickness, and the chef had a hard time to enjoy the experience.

– I was only really on the journey after ten days. Until then, I could not know Jesper, I was, for I have never tried to be so sick and bad for seasickness.

I have made the most out of the trip mentally, but it was the hardest physical. Mentally it was fine, and it gave me a selvtillidsboost, I still got the achievements even though I was sick and poor. And when I came by with søsygen, so I could enjoy the whole game.

The first ten days so I don’t either other than the nearest three-four feet of water, but then I could really look up and see how beautiful it all was. To be so the pressure for so long is something of the toughest I’ve ever tried, he notes.

Jesper Vollmer is happy with the decision to go with, for the trip has made him stronger – exactly as he had hoped.

– I would like to show both myself, but also other challenges out there, that if I can manage this trip with my disabilities, there are also many out there that can get a little kick in the pants.

– It is a little cliche, but when you’ve been so pressed for so long, then nothing at home really hard.

– I should make the buns in curry down there, because one of the sailors had sought after it. It took me three hours, because I had the two burner stove and two pots. That was it. At home it had taken a half an hour. Everything is in the day much easier, and when I make buns, curry now, I stand and laugh, because I remember how hard it was on the boat, he says with a smile

in Addition to the Jesper Vollmer also participates Wafande, Katerina Pitzner, Julia Sofia entrepreneurial environment, Kristian von Hornsleth and Anders Lund Madsen in the second season of “Across the Atlantic”, which appears on Channel 5 and Dplay.