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Thursday, May 19, 2022
Engineers from the USA presented a prosthetic hand controlled through a "neural interface". The new approach not only provides incredible precision of movement, but also protects patients, amputees from phantom pain.
The book of Isaac Newton, which was first formulated three famous laws of mechanics and law of gravity, actually gave rise to modern physics, if not science in General. And recently in the library on the island of Corsica was discovered one of the first copies of this work.
In the new study had discovered who the Russians are most interested in scientific advances and how to manifest this interest.
A new Rover got the name proposed by the American student.
Scientists have found that the hormone responsible for breastfeeding, makes women vulnerable to migraines, muscular and other pains not related to injury.
A group of researchers from MIPT and the Tretyakov gallery have carefully examined the painting brush of the famous artist Dmitry Levitsky, which helped to dispel doubts as to whom belongs to a late insertion in the portrait Makarovskogo in costume.
Experts have confirmed that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted from people to dogs and possibly other Pets. However, while there is no evidence that the pathogen causes a serious disease in cats and can be transmitted from them to man.
Rare type of organic matter may be evidence of the habitability of the red planet. If such substances are found in terrestrial samples, they are definitely considered to be biogenic, believe the researchers.
Space disasters may accelerate spacecraft to near-light speeds, trust the experts from Harvard.
Wax worms, causing considerable damage to beekeeping, can benefit the environment. It turned out, they are happy to eat and digest the polyethylene due to special intestinal bacteria. Will the voracious army of worms to solve the problem of plastic pollution?
Some bacteria survive, even if the person treated with the strongest antibiotics. Recently, scientists have discovered how microbes become resistant to such drugs. It turned out that it helps to "forgetfulness".
Scientists first found in a meteorite full of protein molecules of extraterrestrial origin.
Australian scientists have found that saffron extract can be a natural alternative to sedative drugs. The effectiveness of this Supplement has already been confirmed in a small clinical trial. However, people who have sleep problems, it is better not to engage in "saffron self-medication".
The expert from USA suggested that the new coronavirus can replenish the number of pathogens, occasionally attacking humans in the cold season.
An international group of scientists announced the sensational discovery. The team puts into question the conventional wisdom that DNA decomposes in less than a million years, and claims to have first discovered preserved dinosaur DNA.
Female swamp Wallaby – the only mammals on the planet, are in an interesting position throughout the reproductive part of their lives. Tell as possible.
The disk of the milky Way curved, one edge raised and the other lowered. But why the Galaxy has such a form? Scientists received a surprising answer.
According to the forecast of European researchers, even if humanity will dramatically reduce the rate of global warming, more than a third of sandy shore lines still disappear.
His parents are not looking. In this sentence, the only sounds in the first Moment like a platitude, is a scope, which can make a to create. The parents are to determine the place to have to...
for the First time since 2012, the US space Agency Nasa on Monday a robot land on Mars. The probe was placed on Monday against shortly before 21 o'clock German time on the surface of Mars, said...
The Venus is a hell world. Their surface is 460 Gad Celsius more than scalding hot, the air pressure at the bottom exceeds 92 bar the earthly value of the 90fache, and its atmosphere is 96% carbon...
Consult a psychic ? Never ! Both play my life with the flip of a coin. And then I saw nothing coming, and I'm beautiful and well-found, at the end of September, the drink-clairvoyance of the restaurant Ma Cocotte...
researchers found Microplastics in the most surprising places, for instance, on remote Islands or in the Antarctic. And even in the larvae of mosquitoes. Anyway, the tiny plastic particles can be found in virtually every body of...
More than 600 000 US dollars paid by a buyer at auction for a lunar meteorite. The "moon puzzle" is referred to Rock, according to the auction house RR Auction of six individual parts that together weigh...
In the great family of fishing practices in freshwater fishing catfish occupy a special place. The other fishermen, those who tease usually the gudgeon, carp, pike, or trout do not like them much, in fact, and still less the...
It is a ritual well established that starts before you even close the front door. Each morning, Carmelina Collado, prepares his dose of literature. Untangle and plug in the headphones, check out where to resume...
Divya Higelin and Yannis Piette have been installed for twenty minutes at a wooden table in the Nest, a bar, a games room in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Each turn, they put on fine...
the Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34) are expecting their first child. The Baby should come in the spring of 2019 to the world. "Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are high announce...
Der Mann, der die Fackel der Aufklärung ins 21. Jahrhundert trägt, besitzt einen erstaunlich leichten Gang. Das mag an den Cowboystiefeln liegen, einem Markenzeichen des Harvard-Psychologen Steven Pinker, oder auch an den federnden Locken auf seinem Haupt....
"The female principle" by Meg Wolitzer. Published by Dumont to 24 Euro. here's Why: Two intelligent young people from difficult backgrounds, need to find at the College and in professional life. And of course, nothing...
"I would rather be first in this village than second in Rome ". At the side of her bedside lamp, a young high school student looks at the motto hanging on the wall. It is a gift to his...
Thierry Ehrmann is not a contradiction near. It is on the top floor of a chic brasserie in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'or, leafy suburb on the heights of Lyon, the CEO of Artprice, world leader in databases on...
It is a time of wonder, one where the 25 young people who dream of journalism, without necessarily having the keys to enter, penetrate for the first time in the premises of the World. Student in medicine, or just...
This time, Leo did not lack a. And I draw on the wall with my markers. And I throw the pieces of the puzzle by the window. And I break and I tear, and I drop everything I can...
beer drinkers are facing hard times: The barley juice could in the future be in short supply worldwide and this drastically increase the price. This is an international group of researchers predicts the direction of the biologist...

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