After nine months as a tenant of the prince Joachim and princess Marie, Caroline Fleming decided that she should stay in their own homes again.

The former baroness from valdemar’s Castle has bought a luxury villa in the old neighborhood in Hellerup.

It was to See and Hear that in the last week could tell that Caroline Fleming was about to move out of the royal chambers. And now B. T. unveil the new housing and its price.

It is not, namely not a very cheap villa, as Caroline Fleming, who is the daughter of the deceased lensgrev Niels officers ‘ school-Brockdorff, acquired.

the Entire 24.5 million dollars she has given to the great glory, which is on the Lemchesvej in Hellerup, a few long stone’s throw from the water, according to tinglysningen.

Caroline Fleming has no reduction obtained in the price, but have had to give eight million more than the previous owner paid for rødstensvillaen back in 2017.

For the money she has received a palævilla in red brick and half-timbered and with paned windows. With its 227 square meters and seven rooms in the old house from 1910, however, a little less than the 344 square feet, as Caroline Fleming and her three children have had to romp on in the prince Joachim and princess Marie’s villa on the Emiliekildevej.

in return, can she be pleased to be back in the familiar surroundings of his old zip code 2900.

Lemchesvej is only a few roads from Hambros All, where, after her divorce from the british ‘James Bond’-heir and musician Rory Fleming acquired a villa in 2008.

Hambros All has several times been appointed Denmark’s most expensive residential street, and celebrities flock to get the address in the entire area.

the Road has, over the years the house among other things the queen’s good friend the composer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre as well as the previous it mililardær Erik Damgaard and his then wife Anni Fønsby, while Lemchesvej among other things, is known for Bille August has owned one of the villas.

There is, according to ejensommægler Claus Borg, who took over kendismægleren Jan rasmussen denied estate agency, for several reasons:

“The sundveje is located close to the water and the city, and close to cafes,” he says and adds that Lemchesvej, however, is not quite so fine as Hambros All.

“Hambros Everyone is very friendly. It is a wide avenue with trees. Some of the other roads is cozier,” he says, and adds, that it was not him who was responsible for the sale of the villa on the Lemchesvej.

instead, It was liebhavermægleren Ivan Eltoft Nielsen. He does not wish to comment on the sales.

Villadrømmen at Hambros Allé ended up as an expensive affair for Caroline Fleming, who, after a long length of stay ended with in 2014 to sell it to ‘only’ 19 million Danish kroner – which is 7.5 million less than she gave for it.

Whether it is big millionunderskud hurt on Caroline fleming’s economy is uncertain.

In connection with the divorce from Rory Fleming she was, according to british media to get a large portion of her former husband milliardformue, which could be about $ 3.7 billion.

Caroline Fleming has previously denied that she has been gold plated by the divorce and has said to Ekstra Bladet that she will ‘have to work in order to live’.

It has also been well known, that she for several years has struggled with big millionunderskud on familieslottet valdemar’s Castle on Tåsinge, denmark.

In London she lived in a villa with a value of 82 million dollars on Waiting Street. It was put up for sale in June. It is known, however, about Caroline Fleming owned the villa.

Hopefully the new villaeventyr on Lemchesvej more profitable for the former ‘top Model’host.

With the new house purchase it also seems that Caroline Fleming was in earnest, when she in the summer told him that she had chosen to move home to Denmark in order to give his children a Danish upbringing.

Caroline Fleming, have three children – a daughter Josephine and a son, Alexander, with Rory Fleming, and son Nicholas with the footballer Nicklas Bendtner.

some time ago, Caroline Fleming also yet another reason to stay in Denmark. She took the love from the millionaire Carsten Friis, as she now provides the couple with.

He owns the well-known shoe brand Billi Bi. And judging from Caroline Fleming Instagramprofil, then it goes awesome with the relationship.

‘I’m just so happy. Thank you, ‘ she wrote recently to one of the many images of the pair, as she has laid out.

B. T. have tried to get a comment to huskøbet from Caroline Fleming, but she has no comment, informs her agent Jesper Thomsen.