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on Tuesday, it became known that the Norwegian cancels all routes to and from Finnmark in the whole of april. The reason is the restrictions and a sharp decline in demand for travel, as a result of koronapandemien.

the Leader in West-Finnmark regional council, Marianne Sivertsen Næss, therefore believe it is important that the SAS, which is the only option for longer routes, maintains its offer.

Marianne Sivertsen Næss hope that flytilbudet in Finnmark is maintained.

Photo: Allan Claw / NRK

It will be very important that one of the two companies that have langruter to Finnmark maintains its activity, so that we get the equipment, get sent off tests and that we get the vital equipment and medications, ” says Sivertsen Næss.

She still has the full understanding that such options must be taken.

– It is understandable, based on the situation we are in. There are many fewer passengers and the economy in a private company has enough been considered. But for us, it is incredibly important that we keep flykapasiteten up, at least on a certain level, ” she says.

– else

the company’s communications manager, Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson.


In an e-mail, writes the Norwegian’s communications manager, Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, that they had no choice than to reduce their grid because of koronasituasjonen.

“We follow the situation closely and make an ongoing assessment in our grid. We understand that it is frustrating for our travelers, and we apologize for the inconvenience they set departures leads with. But considering the situation we are in, we have unfortunately no other choice.”

SAS continues to fly

SAS will continue to fly in the next few weeks, according to the officer in the SAS, John Eckhoff. He believes it is important to ensure air traffic in Norway. Nevertheless, he cannot hide the fact that things can change also in the.

– the Foundation for commercial aviation is almost non-existent. We do continuous assessments, but as of now as we fly to both Alta and Kirkenes .

Officer in the SAS, John Eckhoff.

Photo: SAS

– We want to maintain critical infrastructure, and as long as there are passengers so it is important to bring these forward to the North of Norway. We have cancelled nearly 90 per cent of our production, compared with the usual. There are things that can change, given passasjergrunnlaget.

Unfortunate for the Finnmark

Sivertsen Næss hope now that the follow extra good, so that is not the county of Finnmark gets a weakened flytilbud a long time to come.

– It is very important that you get the offer up quickly again. If it is not taken grip now, weaken the basis for langruter we have to Finnmark. We need both of competition considerations and the offer to The population, that there are two company.

– If no state is included with and English stops to fly in Finnmark, it will be very unfortunate for the county of Finnmark in the long run.

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