Actually, the Asian tiger mosquito originally comes from the Southeast Asian tropics. However, according to the Kabs, it has now “explosively” multiplied in the Upper Rhine region.

The number of KABS communities affected by populations increased from seven to 16 within a year, more than doubling. In addition, there would be further evidence in five other municipalities. But there is no reason to worry.

“In Germany we are not yet aware of a case in which a person has been infected with a tropical disease via a tiger mosquito,” says Xenia Augsten, spokeswoman for the Kabs in an interview with

To ensure that this remains the case, the Kabs begins fighting the blood-sucking pests around mid-April. “There’s the mass slippage of the first generation and we’re trying to keep that as low as possible before it swarms out,” says Augsten. A female tiger mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs during her lifetime. “Half of those are female, which can lead to exponential growth.”

In order to curb the growth of a population of tiger mosquitoes at an early stage, one is dependent on the help of attentive citizens. “They report to us and let us know if they have discovered a conspicuous mosquito species,” says Augsten. Following such a report, samples would be taken and traps set. “If the assumption is confirmed that it is a tiger mosquito population and the breeding ground is identified, the biological agent BTI is used to combat it.”

However, this is not distributed by helicopter, as is the case when fighting Rhine gnats, for example, but on foot. The reason for this is that the tiger mosquito prefers areas with a vascular character for laying eggs. “The tiger mosquito lays its eggs in rain barrels, watering cans or trivets above the surface of the water, for example,” says Augsten.

In larger populations, control can sometimes take years. “In Graben-Neudorf, for example, in 2020 we started controlling a population that covered 85 hectares. We have now been able to contain them on eight hectares,” says Augsten. All potential breeding sites were treated with Bti at regular intervals of about 14 days.

It is precisely from this that one can recognize how crucial early reporting can be. But how and how can a tiger mosquito be recognized at all?

In order to contain the danger of a mosquito population, an attempt should be made to offer the mosquito as few breeding places as possible. “In the garden, decorative items that can collect water should be sorted out if possible,” says Augsten. Stretching a mosquito net over a rain barrel can also help.

Due to the climate, the number of populations would probably increase. Should the Kabs face a hot but rainy year, it would no longer be able to meet the need for regular tiger mosquito control in all member communities. “We are therefore hoping for a cooler summer,” says Augsten. For this reason, discussions are currently being held with the state as to whether and to what extent the association can be subsidized in the future.

This article was written by Elena Sausen

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