Experts who annually updates the list of products that may contain triggers cancer carcinogens, warned of the dangers of popular snacks. Among them salt fish, nuts and seeds.

the concerns of professionals associated with the consumption of dry salted fish, resembling the roach. It is believed that the product increases the risk of cancer of the nasopharynx, esophagus and stomach because it contained nitrodiphenyl connections. They can be converted into NDMA. And it’s a carcinogen, reports

you should Also be cautious with products that many vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, grains. The fact that inappropriate (or inappropriately long) storage, especially in hot and humid climate, the products may appear mold or fungi, contributing to the formation of aflatoxins. The latter provoke the development of the malignant process in the body. Experts also reminded that many of the carcinogens contained in French fries and potato chips, various sausages and the sausages that cause cancer of the colon.