California Gov. On Tuesday, Gavin Newsom defeated a recall aimed to kick him out of office earlier. The contest was framed by the Democrat as part of a national fight for his party’s values against the threat of “Trumpism” and the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom sprinted to a quick victory, aided by a healthy turnout in the overwhelmingly Democratic State. It was a victory for Newsom’s handling of the pandemic, liberal issues, and it means that the nation’s largest state will continue to be under Democratic control as a laboratory and for progressive policies.

Newsom stated that “No” was not the only thing said tonight. “I want you to concentrate on what we said yes’ to as a nation: We said yes science, vaccines and ending the pandemic.

An estimated two-thirds vote counted meant that “no” on the question whether Newsom should be recalled was leading by a margin of 30 points. This lead was built from votes cast via mail and before Tuesday’s in person balloting. Democrats were strong in this election. Although Newsom’s lead will likely shrink as more votes are collected at polling stations, it cannot be overthrown.

If the recall had succeeded , Republican talk radio host Larry Elder would almost certainly have replaced Newsom. This would have brought a completely different political worldview to Sacramento.

The recall was based on Newsom’s pandemic approach, which included vaccine mandates and masks, and Democrats celebrated the result as proof that voters approve. As Democrats and Independents look ahead to next year’s midterm elections, the race was also a test to see if opposition to Trump and his right-wing politics remain a motivating force.

Republicans hoped to see proof that frustrations over the months of pandemic precautions would drive Democrats away. Four U.S. House seats were won by the GOP last year. This was a victory that Republican leaders hoped would indicate renewed life in a state that has been controlled by Democrats for over a decade.

A recall election, however, is not a reliable barometer of national trends. California has a nearly 2-to-1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans. Therefore, the results might not reflect governors in other states or how voters will rate members of Congress next year.

Trump, who had mostly stayed away from the contest, made unsubstantiated allegations that the election was rigged during the closing days. These claims were repeated by Elder’s campaign. As he addressed his supporters, Elder didn’t mention fraud.

Let’s be kind in defeat. “We may have lost, but we will win the war,” he stated, adding later that Democrats had to pay more attention to issues like homelessness and California’s high living costs.

Newsom had compared the recall to Trump’s supporters’ efforts to reverse the election, and to a push by Republican-led states to limit voting access.

Democracy isn’t a football. You don’t throw it about. After his win, Newsom stated that it was more like an antique vase. You can throw it and smash it into a million pieces. That’s what you’re capable of if you don’t rise up and fight back.

He was the second governor to defeat a recall in American history, cementing his status as a prominent figure within national Democratic politics and protecting his prospects of a future run. Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived the recall in 2012.

California voters were asked two questions. Should Newsom be recall? And, if so who should replace him. Although only a few of the 46 names on this replacement ballot were known by the public, most did not gain support from voters.