In the course of the past day are a further 594 people died while they were infected with the coronavirus in the state of New York, which is the hardest hit of the states of the US.

This was stated by governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday.

the Day before was the number of dead 630.

This is a total of 4159 patients who were infected with the virus, died, since the outbreak began.

New York state has in the past day confirmed 8327 new smittetilfælde and is now at a total of 122.031 confirmed infected, says Cuomo.

But there is also good news, points out the governor.

the Number of patients being discharged from hospitals in New York city is three times as high as the number of new patients being admitted to hospital.

It eases the heavy pressure on the hospitalsvæsnet, he says.

the State of New York has more than a third of the total number of confirmed coronatilfælde throughout the UNITED states.

Over 40 percent of the deaths which are registered in the UNITED states, has been in New York.

the Sunday shows to a statement from the Johns Hopkins University, to 8503 people have died in the entire UNITED states. The inventory is not yet updated with numbers from other states.

But there is, with great probability, an unknown number of deaths, which is not counted in the statistics, experts say the Washington Post.

the Country’s health authorities count only the dead, who, through a laboratory test has been confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

“We know that it is an underestimation,” says Kristen Nordlund, spokeswoman for the u.s. centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A number of people who die at home or in the nursing home without being tested for the disease, does not count in the statistics.

Also people who have died of, among other lung diseases in the beginning of the coronaudbruddet, is not tested and counted in the statistics, say epidemiologists to the newspaper.


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