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In Folldal have a business come up with a creative solution to be able to travel between municipalities.

Folldal Electro sell and install solar arrays in the entire region. To avoid korona-infection, they have now adopted the use of a truck as the employees live in when they are outside of the municipality.

On the inside there are four bunks, sofa, kitchenette, bathroom, and all you need.

What they need of food and supplies are traded in your own county before departure. To isolate the themselves from contact with others when they are on the road.

Preben Solly, and Alexander, the Voice shows proudly up the inside of the truck.

Photo: Geir Olav Slåen / NRK Had laid off without travel

– It works fine, but there is much more planning, ” says managing director at Folldal Electro, Ole Martin Håtveit.

to avoid to meet the other when they are on the job, they need to get in place agreements so that they are completely alone on site they should assemble.

And the reason for the smart grip is easy and simple:

It is because we have to out and work. If not, we had most likely laid off employees. We are depending on to be able to travel. The market in Folldal is too small. We could have maybe resolved it in other ways, stayed in hotels, but most are closed, ” explains Håtveit.

The employees like the solution

the Truck they had already before the korona crisis occurred in Norway. Håtveit tell that the employees take precautions and follow strict procedures when they are traveling.

It comes to use your head and be conscious of. We have discussed it a lot, tells the daily leader.

Also, the employees are positive to the solutions to stay in the truck when the stay is for business purposes.

– It is fine to stay so close to each other. We must be friends. It is only in the evenings, we sit in the comfort of your sofa here. So here we have what we need, ” says Preben Solly.

Example of the vigour

the regional director in NHO Innlandet, Jon Kristiansen, believe Folldal Electro shows vigor.

Photo: Moment Studio/NHO

the regional director in NHO Innlandet, Jon Kristiansen, praises the creative solution Folldal Electro have come up with.

– I think it is a good example of agility. They think creatively in the situation we are in. It keeps the wheels in motion, ” says Kristiansen.

He doesn’t know about other companies that have come up with the same solution.

” It was very wisely handled, both with the purchasing of the food and what they are doing to isolate themselves from the others. It is apparent that there are practical people we are talking about, ” says Kristiansen.

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