on the Night of Wednesday at 02.50 sounded the alarm on Ruth’s Hotel in Skagen.

Here was the four burglars in time to the theft of designer furniture from the hotel’s restaurant.

To B. T informs the hotel’s managing director, Tom Boye, that has been stolen 34 Wegner Y-chairs with læderhynder.

“They have a value of 8000 crowns the piece. So there has been stolen for just under 300.000 dollars,” says Tom Boye.

even Though both are guards who check the site regularly, and video surveillance, managed it is the thieves to get away with the 34 designer chairs.

Tom Boye was quickly advancing on the site together with the security guards and the police. But they were not fast enough to catch the intruders in the act.

“When the alarm goes, and we are on site, it takes 15 minutes. They have to be quick and knew what they wanted,” says Tom Boye.

The good video surveillance on-the-spot, to the four burglars only go slightly around the hotel, which right now is closed because of coronavirussen.

Then breaks the check in the gourmet restaurant, where the chairs are.

“It has taken them 10 minutes to empty the restaurant. We can see on the video surveillance, how long they have been there,” says Tom Boye about the burglary.

He narrators, further, that there is now a night watchman at the hotel, and that he has blocked all entry and exits to the hotel with firmabilerne.

you Have information in the case, you need to contact The Police.