Later, he served in the Federal police guard resistance. In his stuff, then four kitchen knives, a pair of scissors and two pepper sprays have been ensured.

at 6:30 PM and was informed the Federal police about a physical altercation in the area of the gallery in Essen main station. As the forces left the guard, they realized a few meters to several railway employees, a 57-Year-old fixed.

According to the railway staff, the man from wetter (Ruhr) is supposed to have loudly in the station around screaming, then he should be thrown in a bakery with hard money, and the calls of the railway employees to leave the station, not have done. As they wanted to accompany him from the station, in addition to, he should have resisted this.

His behavior changed even in the case of the Federal police. There he refused his bags to empty, which is why he was against his resistance by addiction. It was ensured in his jacket, two pepper sprays and a carrying bag, four kitchen knives and a pair of scissors.

Against the 57-Year-old, the Federal police opened a criminal case due to resistance against enforcement officials. Without a knife and pepper spray, he later left the guard station and the Central station. *ST

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