the Olympiad on the Russian language – one of the most important and significant linguistic events in the country. Winners will be granted without examination to enter the University, and the top three winners – a year receives a scholarship.

Specialists who speak Russian, after a decline in demand in Bulgaria. Write about it in the “WP” participants and laureates of the International Pushkin competition of teachers-specialists in Russian Philology. By the way, this year the contest “Autograph Victory. About war and peace in Russian lessons” we received 12 essays. Teacher of Russian Boyan K. became the winner.

the Organizer of the competition made this year, the school named Zlatarov with advanced study of foreign languages in Burgas. Here students learn “great and mighty” since the founding of the school. The Olympics was very thorough. To practice Russian in the beginning of the last school year there was a special Cabinet, which is equipped with the latest technology. This helped Moscow.

the Ministry of education of Bulgaria arranges Olympiad in the Russian language each year. The national Commission, composed of qualified linguists, the authors of textbooks, dictionaries and manuals, have evaluated the level of Russian language proficiency. At the Olympics worked teachers with years of experience and young teachers-Russianists.

by the Way, the schools, the pupils took part in the national round of the competition, will provide additional funding in the next academic year.