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Every winter for eight years, Wenche Eli Johansen (62) and her husband Svein Åge (69) from Molde taken bubilen and traveled to the island of Sicily entirely in the south of Italy.

We are on the east side of the island. We see the mainland from where we are, but where we will not us. It is certain that no one will travel with the ferry, says Wenche Eli Johansen.

They went down to Italy in January. When the prime minister invited all norwegians to come home, rated them as better to be in the South of Italy.

It was at the time they had no control on the eruption in the North of Italy. Therefore, we would not risk to travel through. The ministry of foreign AFFAIRS rejects us also to wait, she says.

BUBIL: the Couple is well-equipped for a long stay in Italy.

Photo: Private the Nearly 1000 dead in a day

the Number of dead as a result of the koronaviruset in the country has bikka 10.000, and only in the past day has 969 man lost his life.

the MFA tells them in the previous week had more than 10,000 førespurnader about the situation of Norwegian citizens abroad and their relatives on both e-mail and telephone.

the Situation is better in Sicily than on the mainland, therefore, know the married couple that it is tryggare to wait until the situation roar down, after also having talked with a legevenn they know in Bologna.

They have great values, they fryktar will be trust if they take the fly.

LONG KØYRETUR home: Bubilen parked on a campsite with tourists from France and Germany in the town of Sant’alessio Sicculo on the island of Sicily.

Keep your spirits up,

In Sicily, have they no portforbod.

– All goes with the shawl or face mask, and gummihanskar. They take it really seriously, they will walk a good distance and use antibac, says Wenche.

in Spite of the trasige situation, the two tourists it is very good for the conditions. They have was the food for the week ahead.

We are healthy, and we have access to all of the food and what we need. It is uncertainty that is the worst, if one were to be suffering and go on to the hospital.

GOOD AGAINST: Wenche Eli and Svein Åge Johansen have been married for 40 years. Even though they do not come up any way, are they of good cheer.

Photo: Private the Long way home

the married Couple] do not know how long they need to be, but is dwelt on, it can take weeks.

One challenge is to come over to the mainland, but it looked also a long køyretur with many grenseovergangar. They are afraid that the borders suddenly close.

the Trip home will take about a week.

– We have not considered easy. But we have ensured us that stirs us at least possible out of the car when we are traveling, she says.

Norwegians travelling abroad may at any time call the UD its operational center at the telephone +47 23 95 23 95 and send e-mail to More about koronaviruset StatusRåd and infoSiste nyttSpør NRK