The “brutal men” coronavirus can occur in severe form. This opinion was expressed by head of the Department of therapy, faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University, head of Department of age-associated diseases are Medical research and educational center, doctor of medical Sciences, doctor-cardiologist Yana Orlova. Her words quoted “Komsomolskaya rights.”

So Orlov answered the question about on what grounds we can assume that the disease in a new patient will go on the hard way.

“the world has conducted such research, our clinical practice has confirmed them. Exactly hurt men harder than women; older — heavier than the young; fat people are harder than patients without excess weight. Men with classic male pattern baldness, plenty of facial hair, you can say, "a brutal man", suffer harder,” added the cardiologist.

Earlier, the doctor the anesthesiologist-the resuscitator of the branch gvkg name N. N. Burdenko Oleg Chalaev said that participants of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus not detected adverse health effects.