the Health director says that the right choice has not been taken. But it is seen on the rear of the tray.

If two months ago had known what you know today, would you have handled the situation with coronavirus different.

It says the Health director, Søren Brostrøm, on Friday at a hasteindkaldt news conference.

the Board has on Friday at a meeting discussed the recommendations from the world health organization (WHO), if the regional director in Europe, Hans Kluge, also at the press conference.

Søren Brostrøm says that the Danish Health and medicines authority have realized, that you had to have acted “totally different” in the introduction, from January onwards, if you had been able to foresee the development.

– We have at today’s meeting reviewed the decisions and strategies from January onwards.

– There were reflections and comments, where we say that what we did back then, was not the right choice. If we should do it again, we will make it totally different. But it was done in the same ways in other countries.

– Now we know more about how the virus spreads. In January, it was more like sars and mers (previous virus outbreaks, red.). Later then we realised that the virus behaves more like a pandemic flu, says Søren Brostrøm.

There has been confusion in the public about the Danish strategy to combat coronavirus.

along the Way, health minister Magnus Heunicke (S) excused, and Søren Brostrøm has regretted. Both have said that there will be mistakes, the important thing is that they will not be repeated.

The last time the press has drilled into, to WHO many times have stressed that all countries should test the massive.

Søren Brostrøm has been quoted that the WHO’s recommendations were not directed against Denmark, which Magnus Heunicke ago corrected.

– the WHO’s recommendations are global and regional, and it is important that the recommendations are adapted to each country’s health system, says Hans Kluge at the press conference.

Wednesday told the Board out to 5000 people a day to be tested for the coronavirus in Denmark.

on Thursday said Søren Brostrøm, that he would like to have the figure of 10,000 tests a day.

He acknowledges that there are “big uncertainties” about testkapaciteten in Denmark.

– Testkapaciteten has not been in order. We have come too late in the relationship to build up our testkapacitet, and we have been too poor to communicate, what the goal has been.

– I can’t promise that it will be better in the morning. But there is being worked hard on to build up the testkapaciteten, says Søren Brostrøm.

the Lack of testing has been so widespread that even some of the staff in the regions have been unable to be tested.