The immune system protects us from pathogens, potentially harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses. Regular fresh air, exercise and Drinking enough water are important factors that affect our immune system. But proper nutrition helps to strengthen the immune system.

According to the Swiss “Academy of natural healing”, there are “important building blocks of a strong defense.” The micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as iron, Iodine, zinc), and phytochemicals (vegetables, fruits, legumes) are.

B-vitamins are important for our immune system

micro nutrients are responsible for cell growth. In addition, they should be good for skin, bones, muscles, and renewal of blood cells. B vitamins are important for our immune system. In lentils, spinach and potatoes much Vitamin B6 is located. In the Vitamin B9 contained folate is found in chickpeas, garlic, red beans, spinach, Kale, and lettuce to. Vitamin B12 is found in animal products or in food supplements.

Vitamin D it absorbs from the sun. This Vitamin is also very important for the health. Therefore, daily walking is recommended to go to soak up the sun.

Vitamin C is for many THE means to strengthen the immune system. A study published in the “National center for biotechnology information,” has studied Vitamin C and its effect. In the study, it is described that the “absorption of nutrients can affect the immune system strong.”

Vitamin C, the common cold and shorten

A lack of Vitamin C leads therefore to a reduced resistance against certain pathogens, the study said. By Vitamin C for the duration of a cold can be shortened in healthy people. Foods that are high in Vitamin C are berries, among other things, broccoli, oranges, red peppers, cabbage, black currants and Papayas.

But also iron, zinc and Iodine are immune stronger. You are one of the most important minerals at all. Iron not only promotes the formation of blood but also oxygen to the body. Zinc is important for many enzymes in the body and is for the division of cells is partly responsible.

zinc is able to reduce – according to the Academy of natural healing – “the severity of the symptoms of a cold are demonstrably strong.” Zinc is about to find in the pumpkin seeds, lentils, oatmeal, Brazil nuts and buckwheat to. Iron-containing foods, among other things, pistachios, chickpeas, millet, fennel, and beef or calf liver are .

Consume the best colorful mixed food

General note: Who would like to strengthen the immune system, should primarily food is a mixed such as green, yellow, orange or red vegetables and enough fruit to eat. Always best regional and seasonal fruit and vegetables are suitable for this purpose. Low-carb and gluten-free: So you can bake freely in 5 minutes delicious microwave bread PCP Lowcarb and gluten: to bake in 5 minutes delicious microwave bread

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