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– It was not just the bullets that killed my people. All the epidemics destroyed many of our tribes, sings urfolksartistene Kandu Puri e Kaê Guajajara in a video that is now shared on the internet here in Brazil.

– Crystal clear water turned into rivers of blood. Even contact with their clothing killed us, called forth in the song, which has been named “Korona-rap”.

And the two artists come with an urge prayer for help against koronasmitten, which is now spreading in the urfolkets villages and reserves:

Professor Jose Bessa fear that koronaviruset can lead to mass death among Brazil’s indigenous peoples.

Photo: Arnt Stefansen / NRK

– We ask the support of all in the fight against the pandemic that threatens us and the entire globe.

Fears from the past

the Fear of infectious diseases seated in the spirit of the Brazil’s indigenous peoples. It was primarily such diseases that took the lives of 90 per cent of them when the europeans arrived 500 years ago.

the Page has multiple disease outbreaks led to mass death in the reserves – one of them as late as the 1970s. Now is the fear that the koronaviruset to bring a new disaster, ” says one of Brazil’s foremost experts on indigenous peoples, professor Jose Bessa to see:

– the Number of the infected among a’s indigenous is growing rapidly, and there have been reports of several dead. What we have feared the last few weeks, is about to happen, and we must find solutions quickly in order to protect this very vulnerable section of the population, ” says the professor.

the’s indigenous fear infection from loggers and others who conducts illegal operations in the forest.

Photo: NACHO DOCE / Reuters Indigenous peoples in crisis

It lives almost 900.000 indigenous peoples in Brazil, 30 percent in the cities and the rest in the villages and reserves throughout the country.

Koronapandemien comes at a time when’s indigenous are under intense pressure from loggers, gold miners, and farmers, who want to take their land and natural resources.

They come in boats, helicopters and planes, and they bring with them infections that can be totally devastating for’s indigenous, ” says professor Bessa.

– This is a result of the policies of president Jair Bolsonaro, who goes out to use the reserves to economic activity. Therefore it is little to protect indigenous peoples against korona, ” he says.

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the’s indigenous have little confidence that the authorities will protect them against koronasmitte.


Brazil’s indigenous peoples are organized in 34 helseområder, and that the state agency Sesai has the responsibility for the control and measures in these areas. Sesai has created a krisestab and are now conducting testing of possible koronasmittede.

But the capacity is small and the agency has no resources to treat seriously ill.

More urfolksstammer have therefore made it the same as for the previous disease outbreaks: split in smaller groups and isolated themselves inside the forest. They have no confidence that the brazilian government will protect them from a devastating epidemic.

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