the Former head of DNR Alexander Boroday again exchanged pleasantries with the former Minister of defense of Donetsk Republic Igor Strelkov. Boroday accused him that the Shooters left his wife with children with disabilities in the barn, and myself with a future young wife, the former dancer night club, moved into a Moscow apartment.

After an interview with Igor strelkov, the Ukrainian journalist Gordon sharply Boroday spoke about it. Then Igor Strelkov said Boroday in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” (read the story “It is fun, I fought”). And now the former head of the DNR “is answered by the response”.

this time Alexander Borodai in an interview to “Tsargrad” recalled the Small twists and turns of his personal life. According to Beard, half of the salaries in the FSB strelkov went to child support from his first marriage, and at that time, Boroday him “pay for what he lost” – about $ 500 per month. Then Boroday gave rifle to another job.

the Former head of the DNR quoted charges strelkov that he is in Donetsk was terribly depraved man – in fact, says Borodai, Igor Girkin was the only commander who “solve their sexual problems during your stay in the Donbas.”

“He was taken from the Donbas 20-year-old young lady by the name of Miroslav Reginska, who later became his wife, and at the time of her stay in Donetsk was a Secretary in the government of the DNI. Prior to that was an employee, so to speak, in Donetsk night club, – said Boroday. – I must confess that I interfered in the Affairs of the family of Colonel strelkov. His ex-wife, to Miroslava Reginskaya that in a phone call promised to return the Donbass, crowned with glory commander – he threw it. More precisely, thrown out of the Moscow apartments of two children with disabilities. His children. And under the pretext of security placed them in the barn, located in the Rostov region five kilometers from the border.

At some point, his ex-wife Faith had found my staying in Rostov and asked for help.

I managed to organize it and asked one of the people, thanks to the support of which managed to create for children of Colonel strelkov with a normal life, bought a house, garden, furnished, had money not drugs, because disabled children require medical support.”

meanwhile, the Network can find an interview of 2019 on behalf of the ex-wife strelkov Faith Nikitina that Miroslav Reginska through the court demanded the expulsion of her children from a one-room apartment in Moscow, owned by Girkin.

According to Nikitina, they met with Small arms in Chechnya, where she worked as a translator in the army. “Special” she calls the older son – younger healthy. Several years before the events in Ukraine, the couple broke up. (“Often came drunk, raised a hand to me,” says�� interview).

According to the Faith, in the beginning of the Crimean spring at her entrance and began to watch some guys. When the woman reached a Small, he advised her “to get out of Moscow”. Car Faith with the children rushed to the Rostov region and took it home for pennies in the abandoned village.

at First, says Vera, she was assisted by friends of Igor, but then the “brook dried up”. Now the woman has six children, they still live in the Rostov region.