a Former assistant at trump national security in the controversial book “the Room where it happened: a Memoir of the White house” has not spared the leader of North Korea. John Bolton was among the participants of the first us-North Korea summit in 2018 in Singapore. We visited with memories and that’s what the author talks about trump’s negotiations with Kim Jong-UN.

“Kim and four assistants entered the room where was to be held the meeting – says Bolton. – He shook hands with the American side, including yours truly, we settled down and allowed us to capture the press. When the crowd finally left, Kim got to thinking (all through the interpreters) what kind of story they try to come up with, and trump has spoken out against the enormous dishonesty of the press.”

According to Bolton, trump said the North Korean leader: the meeting was very positive, and he expects the two leaders will maintain direct contact over the phone. “Laughing Kim highlighted trump in the background of three of his predecessors, stating that they would not use their leadership for the summit”.

“Kim asked as trump evaluates it, and trump called him really smart, quite reserved, a very good man, sincere, with a wonderful temperament. Kim said that in politics people are like actors.”

“trump was right about one thing, writes Bolton, Kim Jong-UN knew exactly what he was doing when he asked it thinks about trump; it was a question intended to invoke a positive response or risk to end the meeting right there. Asking seemingly naive or sensitive issue, Kim actually got rid of the burden and risky response to the other person. It showed that he caught the tramp”.

“Kim firmly stated that he is committed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Although he knows that there are people who doubt his sincerity, these people mistakenly judge him by the actions of his predecessors. He is different. Trump agreed that Kim has completely changed the situation. However, following a decade of standard North Korean lines, Kim accused in the troubled history of relations between the US and North Korea hostile policy of the past administrations of the United States”.

“I Wonder what trump said that he would seek Senate approval of any nuclear agreement with North Korea, recalls watching the negotiations Bolton. – In this moment Pompeo gave me his notebook in which he wrote: “He is such a phony” (“he is so full of shit”, literally: “he’s full of shit”). I agreed. Kim promised that further nuclear tests would not, and that their nuclear program will be eliminated irreversible.”

“Then, says Bolton, appeared the Ruse usowarrenstown by Joseph Stalin at the wartime summits with Franklin Roosevelt, when the Soviet Politburo was first discovered by the “hardliners”. Kim “confessed” that he has the political barriers that it cannot easily overcome, because in North Korea, and in America there are the hardliners… Kim wanted us to cut the volume of exercise, or completely they did.”

“trump responded exactly as I feared – continues the author of the book, And Kim repeated his constant refrain that the exercises were provocative and a waste of time and money. He said he will reject his generals, who can not negotiate an agreement, and decided that the teachings will not be until both parties are negotiating in good faith. He vividly said that Kim saved the United States a lot of money.”

After that, Kim Jong-UN said that the hardliners in North Korea will be impressed by trump’s decision on military maneuvers on the Korean Peninsula, “He joked that there will be no more comparisons of the size of their nuclear buttons, because the United States are no longer under the threat from North Korea agreeing to dismantle the missile test complex.”

Then the tramp reminded that for six months before he called Kim Jong-UN “little rocket” (Little Rocket Man) and asked him if his companion, who such Elton John (the singer has a famous song “Rocket Man” – “MK”). “He thought that “Little Rocket Man” – it was a compliment. Kim continued to laugh,” recalls Bolton.

the Recall, originally trump’s words, calling Kim Jong-UN “Rocketboom” perceived as an insult. But in Singapore, the President of the United States had to get out of a sticky situation.

As the author of the memoir, trump wanted the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during his visit to Pyongyang gave Kim Jong Ynu disk Elton John song “Rocket Man” autographed.

it Seems, trump, asking, handed the head of the state Department of the North Korean leader’s gift, did not realize that Pompeo actually seen Kim Jong-UN, writes Bolton: “Pompeo did not. Transfer the CD to Kim remained a priority for several months.”

in short, the disc with a song of sir Elton John hadn’t given Kim Jong Ynu. And the results of the Singapore summit trump Kim was negated by the failure of the meeting of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK in Hanoi.

In published recently an interview with ABC News Bolton admitted that trump truly believed that Kim Jong UN loves him.

“I think Kim Jong UN was greatly amused, suggested Bolton. In the letter, which the President showed to the press was probably written by some official from the propaganda of North Korea. And yet the President regarded them as evidence of a profound friendship.”

While do not know how Pyongyang reacted to the details of the meeting of the leaders of America and North Korea, but in South Korea, some of the information, voiced by Bolton in his memoirs, in regard to the official views of Seoul about prospects for a settlement on the divided Peninsula called inaccurate and distorted.