Friday morning, millions of danes experience, that there will be money in the bank account. In many cases, there will be thousands of dollars.

of course, It is tax administration, which stands as the sender, when the danes get the money back in tax. And it is a lot of money that comes back.

Last year, gained 3.4 million danes money back, for a total value of 16.2 billion euros. Tax administration has not yet offentggjort the figures for 2020, but expected to be released later Friday.

Very little, however, suggest that the numbers are significantly less than in 2019.

this year will be the effect of that milliarderne rolls out in the Danish home, however a little bit different because of the corona-crisis.

“Usually this means that the Danish economy will be influenced positively, because the danes greatly use this money on the pleasures that sweeten life, or to buy something extra delicious for the påskefrokosten,” says Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen, privatøkonom from Danske Bank:

“Easter often turns records. But this year the money in the higher the degree be deposited into the account.”

And it is really bad for the companies that do not get the money in the box, and the Danish economy in general.

One of the year’s forbrugerfester is going to be simply subdued.

Both because many of the stores we normally trades in, is shut down.

But also because of the uncertainty, many are living with right now, can get us to hold on to the money.

“Some of the money that is deposited into the account may be used later in the year. But many of them will remain in a savings,” reckons Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen.