Bill gates said, when will the pandemic coronavirus

American billionaire bill gates, founder of Microsoft, said that the pandemic coronavirus could be completed by early summer, then the world will begin to return to normal.

According to him, the renewed operation of enterprises in China shows that there is reason to think positively.

the Businessman in an interview with CNBC suggested that in the summer and fall the people will again be engaged in the production, education and construction. He believes that schools and universities in the United States will resume its activities this fall.

however, gates said that the world will not return to its previous state quickly. In his opinion, it is impossible to think, “what the government will wave his wand and suddenly the economy will be like before everything happened.”

bill gates said that his Foundation is now working on a vaccine that will become a therapeutic tool with efficiency more than 95%. He added that the vaccine will be created in less than 18 months.

In an interview with the Financial Times, billionaire named coronavirus is one of the most serious challenges in people’s lives. In his opinion, after the pandemic is brought under control, many countries will think about how to avoid the same losses in new epidemics. Gates stressed that “now everyone understands that every 20 years the likelihood of the emergence and spread of new viruses”, because in the world a large number of travelers.

the Businessman explained that countries will be much cheaper to prevent the spread of infection, prepare for them using the reserve funds for diagnosis and treatment, platforms for the development of vaccines and systems for early warning, than then to spend trillions of dollars.