Lexi Reed lost more than 140 kilograms (!) – and saved her life. All this with the support of her husband Danny, whom she also encouraged to lose weight.

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Reducing 140 kilograms of body mass – this serious change has to be achieved first. Lexi actually did it. And that in just two years.

So the young woman knows exactly what can be achieved with a good dose of discipline. But it was also urgently needed, because before her change of heart, Lexi had almost said goodbye to her life.

“I spent 25 years being a prisoner in my own body,” the 29-year-old recalls in an Instagram post.

“I was always trying to lose weight only to eventually gain it back or give up. I thought I wouldn’t live to see my 30th birthday.”

220 kilograms of body mass made life difficult for her and robbed her of any joie de vivre. “I felt like I wasn’t living, just existing.”

But even though she suffered, Lexi was caught in a cycle of bad habits, eating thousands of calories a day and rarely leaving the house.

Lexi’s health began to suffer as a result of her weight. She often woke up in the night with severe breathing problems. “I couldn’t breathe because my chest was so heavy it was constricting my throat.” When she was practically done with her life, the then 25-year-old gave herself one last, decisive push to give up her unhealthy habits and her life to change.

Since then, she has consistently followed through on this plan and made a 180-degree change. “I’m proof that it’s never too late to change life,” she writes motivatingly. “By changing our habits, we can change our destiny.”

Instead of lying around on the weekends as usual and eating even more, Lexi went to the gym regularly from then on. Initially unsure, she is now proud of her remarkable progress.

In addition to extensive cardio training, their program also includes weight training units or hiking and cycling tours. All activities that would not have been possible a few years ago.

“I’ll never forget what it’s like to wake up every morning and feel my own weight rolling over me. Or how I canceled meetings and activities because of my weight,” Lexi looks back.

“Life is a journey. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to try and start today!”

Achieving such a feat is certainly no picnic. However, Lexi was lucky and always counted on one person in her life.

Her husband, whom she married five years ago, was always by her side and supported his wife in her trial.

“It’s crazy to think about how different life is for us now compared to when we started dating in 2007,” says Lexi, summing up the past few years.

“I was a teenager, 300 pounds, and I thought love could never exist for me.”

“He’s literally been with me for almost half my life.” Lexi not only found love with her husband back then, but also a great incentive – because Danny also wanted to lose weight at the time.

The couple kept motivating each other to exercise and managed to get out of their comfortable comfort zone together. This change has really paid off for him too – Danny has been able to lose 45 kilos to date.

“Find someone who loves you no matter your age or weight,” Lexi emphasizes. “Always trust what or who can come and change your life!”

After all, it is not for nothing that it is said: In good times and in bad.

You can reach out to Lexi Reed on her Instagram account @fatgirlfedup. You can find her husband Danny on @discoveringdanny. On both accounts you will also find more background and pictures about their success story.

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