WASHINGTON — The Wednesday news that Senate Democrats will miss the deadline set by President Biden to pass his $1.7 trillion social security net by the end the year caps 2021 as a period of ups and downs.

This year, Biden’s achievements include:

Covid Relief Deal – $1.9 Trillion

The bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Fully vaccinating 72 percent of American Adults

Confirmation and appointment of federal judges

A country where the unemployment rate is below 4.2 percent.

Here are the disappointments of 2021 for Biden

The Senate did not pass any “Build Back Better” legislation and it was not signed into law.

Voting-rights legislation is another example.

The world’s vaccination rate is still low.

Last month’s huge political losses in Virginia.

Inflation that continues to rise.

Biden’s approval rating is in the 40s on average and in the 50s for independents. It sure looks like the disappointments outweigh the achievements.

Biden made two promises that could explain why: 1) To get Covid-19 under control, and 2) To get rid of Donald Trump.

As we approach Christmas, the number of Covid cases is on the rise. Trump’s influence within the GOP has only grown since Jan. 6.

Another reason is that Biden’s achievements — Covid relief and infrastructure, as well as the unemployment rate — only get you so far.

Especially for those who view (take your pick) democracy/climate/economic security as being pivotal to the country’s future.

Tweet of the Day

It all about the base

Biden will be focusing his attention on next year as he and his staff must answer the important question: Which base of Democratic voter is more important to them heading into the midterms? Are they looking for progressives who want “Build Back Better” or Black voters or civil-rights groups pushing for new voting rights, or both?

Yesterday, Biden appeared to indicate that it was the former for the first time since we can recall.

Biden stated that voting rights are the most important domestic issue. It’s the most important thing.”

This is a major reversal from the summer when the White House prioritized infrastructure and “Build back Better” bills above voting rights.

It’s also not clear how Democrats could pass any voting rights legislation in the Senate.

What’s the problem? The problem? Politico reports that she doesn’t support any shortcuts to the filibuster in order to get it done.

Data Download: All the numbers you need today

30: This is the number of events that were held at Trump properties by GOP candidates or groups this year, according to the Washington Post.

66 percent: According to a poll by MTV/AP/NORC, 66% of Generation Z believe that their generation is motivated to make positive changes.

According to the National Weather Service Paducah, 190 mph was the peak wind speed during last weekend’s EF4 tornado in Kentucky.

805,149: This is the number of Americans who have died from the virus, according to the most recent data from NBC News. This is 2,094 more than yesterday morning.

50,392,576 is the number of confirmed cases in the United States of coronavirus according to the latest data from NBC News. This is 143,686 less than yesterday morning.

488,296,089 is the number of total vaccine doses in the United States, according to the CDC. This is 1,721,614 less than yesterday morning.

56,080165: According to the CDC, this is the number of booster vaccination doses that were administered in the United States. This is 958,632 less than yesterday morning.

61.1 percent: This is the percentage of Americans who have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC.

72.2 percent: This is the percentage of Americans aged 18 and over who have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC.

ICYMI: What other happenings around the world

The Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act. It authorizes defense spending of $770 billion. Biden now has the bill on his desk.

The text that Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan sent to Mark Meadows, then-chief of staff, was one of the documents released by the committee looking into the attack on Jan. 6. According to NBC News

The New York Times examines six Republican legislators, including Jordan who were part Trump’s “bandof loyalists” that worked to keep the former president in office.

WRAL reports that North Carolina state senator Jeff Jackson will likely withdraw from the Democratic Senate primary.

The Washington Post offers an interactive map that shows how redistricting has affected the House race so far. Spoiler alert! There are more Trump seats than there are competitive districts.