Berlin – chill out In the sun on a bench, a couple on a blanket in the Park on a picnic. Once it is warmer again, wakes up in the Corona times, the Open-Air longing of the people of Berlin.

“I get a lot of correspondence from people who don’t understand that you can’t be outside to read for an hour a book,” says Niklas Schrader (38, Left) on Monday the interior Committee. But inside Senator Andreas hostage (54, SPD) remains hard: “We are just in day 8 of the contact constraints. So lonely on a ceiling, it does not work just. Many of the Two groups revealed a huge crowd of people.“

500 to 2500 Euro! Demo with more than two participants photo: AFP

Therefore, there is no loosening, even in the case of the disclosure of the identification of the corridor in front of the door.

on The contrary: On Thursday, the Berlin Senate adopted a fine catalog. The rules in the infection of the law are the politicians to be superficial. In the case of a Seitzung on Tuesday, it was only agreed that there should be a fine catalog. A decision to do this, but is not yet fallen, such as culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Left) said after the meeting in front of journalists. He is set to follow on Thursday. “In the Senate is a Consensus that we will adopt a schedule of fines,” said Lederer. It had to clarify two questions.

► participation in events: any Person 50 – 500 €

► implementation of events: 500 – 2500 €

► No attendance list: 50 – 500 €

► pub, Shisha Bar 1000 open reserved: – 10 000 €

► hotel beds for tourists: 1000 – 10 000 €

► shops open (except for the supermarket, pharmacy, etc.): 1000 – 10 000 €

► queue approved in queue without security clearances: 250 – 2500 €

► fitness Studio, a Sauna, a Solarium open: 1000 – 10 000 €

► violation of ban on visitors in hospitals, seniors homes: 100 – 1000 €

► a library, a Uni, Canteens operate: 1000 – 10 000 €

► a violation of home-principle (except for, e.g., work, shopping, air): 50 – 500 €

► do not content of 1.5-Meter Minimum distance: 50 – 500 €

► breach of disclosure obligation: 25 – 75 €

Up to the special session of the Senate on Thursday, there will be an editorially revised paper, to which the Senate then will some. Lederer stressed that the members of the Senate are, in principle, already agree with, with regards to the topic. It must, however, be possible to discuss specific aspects. Economy Senator Ramona Pop (Green) added, there is no doubt that it will give the Bußgeldk catalog, but pointed also to the fact that there were “sensitive issues” and to clarify issues.

The catalog of fines have drafted Senate health, administration and interior Department. Such a catalog, there are in North Rhine-Westphalia. 200 Euro, for example, in the case of unauthorized meetings of more than two people in the Public eye due.

In Berlin were fines so far, it’s also already possible – on the basis of various provisions for the Sanctioning of violations of the infection protection act and the corresponding regulations. Senator Andreas hostage (SPD) had, however, calls for rules, Details even more precise.