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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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The epidemic of the coronavirus, some countries even helps to solve their local problems. So, the consumption of energy in the world greatly reduced, hence the lower market value.
Natalia Monakhova back from birthday Catherine Didenko.
The national police of Ukraine soobshili that Vinnitsa city court sent under arrest by request of the investigation 22 nationalist, who on Thursday staged a riot in the city Council Zhmerinka
Netizens lashed out at the blogger Ekaterina Didenko, at the party in honor of birthday in Moscow sauna where her husband died and two more friends
Dry ice is completely safe, it is not toxic, the death of the partygoers occurred due to the fact that far exceeded the amount thrown into the hot water of the ice, which led to the immediate release of a large volume of carbon dioxide, said Telegram-"the Rise", the representative of the enterprise for the production of dry ice Oleg Ulanov
"The tale of the fisherman and the fish" is a parable about the fact that everyone in the finale life comes to nothing (which is confidently on his way for being). Grumpy Old fate, Fate, Fate (and associating it implicitly executed wordly desires): to subside deception, will shatter the veil, sink a Mirage — palaces, riches, towers of the nobility — and will be one on one with Death death is no longer a cheat, and a lender, which came to charge the account for services rendered. All wins appear perovymi. I will take the house, the clothes, the last crumbs. So that is who was always there — not a grumpy stupid wife and your Doom. Well, how many did you nautil in the sea of life? Many have benefited?
Powerful ash emissions have occurred at the Mexican Popocatepetl volcano, informs the national service of civil protection on Twitter
According to the channel Sky News Arabia, Palestinian factions and Israeli authorities reached an agreement on ceasefire

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