the U.S. Government has decided to strengthen its military base in Alaska, where trained the air force force (IAF) of the country. This became known to The Washington Post.

according to the publication, the remote base Eielson is attracting increasing attention from the American authorities. In recent years, the Pentagon focused primarily on the preparation of the ground forces, which, in particular, were involved in counterterrorism operations. Now, however, the military Department decided to learn more about VVS due the need to confront Russia and China, who are actively working in this direction.

According to supervising air force Colonel Benjamin Bishop (Benjamin Bishop) in April in Alaska have already arrived, two of the anticipated 54 new fifth generation fighter F-35. The remaining planes will arrive in Eielson during the year. It is expected that they will begin to prepare for potential collisions in the air battle with the Chinese J-20 and the Russian su-57.

in Addition to fighters, in Eilson plan to throw new pilots. As noted by Bishop, replenishment, the number of military pilots working at the base, will increase from 1750 to 3200.

in addition, the government will allocate about $ 500 million for the modernization of the airbase. In particular, it will build new hangars with the system climate control and install modern flight simulators for training pilots who will be able to simulate air combat, including the attack missiles of a class “earth — air”. According to The Washington Post, to this base Eilson not received adequate funding as the main spending of the Pentagon was aimed at the conduct of military campaigns in Afghanistan and the middle East. In the end, the equipment had become obsolete.

February 10, in the published draft of the U.S. budget for fiscal year 2021, Russia and China were identified as major threats to the United States. To counter Russia, the White house proposes to allocate $ 700 million. These funds will go to support the allies in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia and to strengthen common security.