It’s about giving something back to them that means much for me, ” explains Mads Wie.

default is Wie educational leader in the Back nursery in Gloppen. Suddenly was life turned upside down when schools and kindergartens closed.

No jobs him in a nursery where the young to them with criticism of the profession is. But Wie miss them he uses to share daily life with.

Then came the idea.

It takes a little time, but it’s so fun to delight the kids. It is absolutely worth it, says the educational leader.

it is not the sofa that entice when Wie come home from work.

Creates the children’s tv at the time

One can find many tips on different activities you can do with the kids in the home, but the energetic barnehagetilsette would create something yourself.

NOT a STRANGER TO DRESS UP: Wie likes to use different costume when he is going to film “Quarantine CHANNELS”

Photo: Guro Brattespe Lahus / NRK

in recent weeks, he has spent manifold hours of their leisure time, say to make own children’s tv for the kids in the nursery, he called it “Quarantine CHANNELS”.

– It is the most to excite the young. Get them to laugh, ” says Wie.

There is no doubt that it is fengande.

In each episode do various exciting activities. Through the camera talk him to the kids, as if they’d been there with him.

Filming made it entirely himself, but without redigeringa Erlend Eide had it not been cancelled, ” explains Wie.

It is not the only kids in the Back nursery school that think it is fun to watch.

The first episode is set over 2500 gongar.

– the Response is very nice, tells a humble Wie.

Tilbakemeldingane has not allowed to wait on themselves. They come from far and near. Some can hardly wait for the next episode.

Today’s highlights

– It is the first Olaf asked about when he stands up, says mother Marte Øyan-Low.

Olaf (4) is usually in the nursery where Wie jobs, following his Life (6) went there in the last year. Marte Øyan-Low tell that she kosar as much as the kids.

They sat all the and saw the and the weft of Life, Olaf and Mads Wie was sent on Vestlandsrevyen earlier in the week.

No they need not sakne us for no have they seen us on TV, ” says Life (6).

the Mother of Life is einig with his daughter.

Slowed after the nursery is not as great when the kids can laugh and have fun with the Quarantined TV every day, tell Øyan-Low.

THEY THAT WAIT UPON the THING which is GOOD: Life (6) and veslebroren Olaf (4) can hardly wait. You need javascript to see the video.

THEY THAT WAIT UPON the THING which is GOOD: Life (6) and veslebroren Olaf (4) can hardly wait.

It is obvious that Wie set a high value on the positive tilbakemeldingane from colleagues and notables.

– It gives me motivation and energy to keep on as long as it is closed.

It is for kids to

Yet not all of the responses have been positive.

Wie told that kompisane have given some excellent feedback. They are more habit to see him on the football field, not in a work situation.

– He one, thought it was a little pain, ” says Wie, with a wise smile.

It works as it goes little into the creative educational leader.

Glory, they can only be silent. I do it not for them, but for the young, says the educational leader and laughing.

as long As the kindergartens was is closed, it posted new. from Monday to Friday.