the Prime minister has received great praise – also in these columns – for his handling of the corona pandemic. She has self-confident and with strong communication had a sure hand on the helm.

Denmark is now entering a new and uncertain phase, and the controlled opening.

It is time, therefore, to Mette Frederiksen, to become completely honest and sharp on the way forward. We have a right to know what it is for a strategy that is selected.

It is vital for the country’s population to get clarity over when she and the authorities consider the problem to handled, then we can again return to normal. There is no asking dates or clear markings. But it is crucial to know what we are aiming for.

Basically, it seems that there are two strategies, a herd-immunity or a containment. Or a combination of the two. According to the State Serum Institute’s academic director, Kåre Mølbak, it seems that we are aiming for a controlled herd immunity. He said to Politiken, that the isolation and containment of the virus is passé. We must almost all have a corona at an appropriate time, for we yet can not stop it. We just need to ensure that we do not get so many infected that the health breaks down.

That we are far from it. Even very far from it. There are more than 1000 respirators here in the country, and there are currently ‘only’ 503′ inlaid on the corona-chambers, of which 139 in intensive care. It is far from pushing the capacity.

The other option is to test, track, and isolate all the people who come in the vicinity of the corona virus, and in this way cut off the virus from spreading. Our neighbouring country Germany has preliminary success with this model, which btw is the same as south Korea used.

Both models seem to work in the two respective countries, although no one yet can be declared to have the right model.

the Cost for the two models seem to turn to be extremely different. Our Danish model is valuable for the whole society. Now comes the one economic forecast after another, that did not immediately appear to underdreje society, but, however, predict a downturn. It is worth noting that in just one week is that The Economic Council had come to the conclusion that housing prices will fall more than 10 percent a week ago predicted a decrease of 2 percent. The development is going strong, and it is difficult to forecast even for the best economists.

The Danish population has shown itself willing to bear the great burdens which this quarantine is an expression of. Many have lost their jobs, others have lost their self-employed business, and very large companies and entire industries are currently facing major economic challenges. Companies that we thought were healthy, standing in front of a looming bankruptcy.

In this situation, it is essential that people are aware of what course we follow. The people who have isolated themselves voluntarily, to avoid the contagion, which can be life-threatening for them, have a right to know what they need to take a bearing by. When is it safe to leave the isolation? What should they look for?

It can, today, no one answer, for we do not know the prime minister’s course.

It is Mette Frederiksen’s task to be open and tell us what is in store. It is the prime minister’s job to tell us – raw-for unsweetened – which way we travel on. Need as many as possible have coronacvirus, while we are waiting for the healing of the vaccine, or should we reduce the infection from spreading by all means.

We know it not.

You can’t do it alone, Mette. You must have all of us on the cure the forthcoming many months, otherwise it does not work, and it will be unnecessarily costly – in human and economic terms. The best way is openness, honesty and involvement of as many parties as possible. Including the other political parties at the Castle.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2