this is The black economic clouds, that draws up over Denmark after the prime minister’s continued shutdown of the country.

Mette Frederiksen press conference acted the basics of the controlled re-opening, but the essential was the continued freezing of the society.

It is necessary that the government’s focus for coronastrategien in greater degree, takes into account businesses and growth. It is this: highly the wrong way.

New figures on Tuesday show that, since the 9. march has come 44.309 new available. The worst of it is, of course, gone out of both the transport and the hospitality industry. Of 9,000 new unemployed from the restaurants and cafes have signed up in the unemployment benefit system, and the drivers ‘ numbers have increased by 83 percent. It will not be the last to stand in the queue. It will grow the next months, without the available have any probability to get in the work preliminary.

the Aircraft – and the travel industry is so hard hit, to SAS on Tuesday could tell, that they have lost 1.3 billion. the crowns in march. Norwegian, which is even harder to hit, have sent their staff home, and is in fact in danger of going bankrupt.

It is too early yet to come up with figures on the number of bankruptcies in Denmark, as the figures only come later, but most experts predict an explosion of bankruptcies – including a number of the country’s festivals, which got the rug pulled out from under him by the prime minister’s forsamlingsforbud forward to august.

The professional sport is livstruet, as their livelihoods have disappeared. Premier league, Tour de France and handball live of sponsors, tv money and tilskuerindtægter. All the options are gone, and in several sports you will experience bankruptcies and depositions of teams and tournaments.

But this crisis is not about the health and the will to save lives?

Yes, it makes it undeniably, but how we choose to manage our society, how we open for business, how we define the final date, is the expression of a number of policy options. Them to take the socialist government of prime minister Mette Frederiksen in the head wilfully. There are not closed the other check in the process.

The Danish strategy is to keep us on the green curve, the prime minister said on Monday. This means that there must be more people in society than the healthcare system can handle, in order to avoid as many deaths as possible. Of course, it is in many ways a cynical game, where the prime minister and advisors to estimate how many infected people we can have in society, without that we lose too many sick.

It sounds cynical, but it is no different that the politicians have accepted that it costs 500 deaths per year, that the Danish brændeovnes partikeludledning is toxic. We could just ban the worst, so would the death toll fall. Die about 15,000 of all of the year. We could ban smoking, and many would live longer. But we do not do it, for we have made the political choice that the freedom to smoke themselves to death is more important than saving the lives of many.

It is the same calculated risk, Mette Frederiksen uses when she opens for the day-care centres and school classes. What would it mean more smittetilfælde and, ultimately, more deaths?

It is vital that other parties coming into the political assessment, that is, to other groups than children should be allowed to return to normal.

It seems that the opposition parties have finally woken up, after former prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen wrote a call out in his column here in B. T. The bourgeois parties must be to thaw the frozen business up. They must force themselves to the negotiating table.

It is vital that the business community and the small businesses under controlling forms open, as they now do in Norway and Austria.

We must have time in the reels, before the bill becomes too large, and it can not be determined alone by the prime minister.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2